[Book Release] Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

February 14, 2023

We are excited to announce the new book by Dr. Dee Carroll, Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Uncovering The Secret To The Love You Want

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Always picking the wrong guy? Worried there’s something wrong with you? It’s time to ditch the past and create the love you crave. 

Today, you’ll begin separating the best relationship advice from the myths you’ve been told about love. Learn how to break out of toxic patterns, heal the heartbreak of failed relationships, and finally get the happily-ever-after you deserve. 

You can undo the social conditioning that’s pushed you into bad relationships and kept you from finding true love. 

In Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, you’ll learn how to permanently change the game, moving beyond the patterns that kept you stuck and hurting. Dr. Dee will show you how to: 

  • Overcome your fears around dating 
  • Stop falling into the same traps
  • Love your life even while waiting for true love
  • Attract the right partner 
  • Discover the number-one secret to permanent love and personal happiness 

Don’t let the past write the future. And don’t give up. 

Simply open the pages of this book today and start writing a tomorrow with true love at the center!


Dr. Dee is a “phoenix,” having obtained a new life for herself and exemplifying personal growth and development. She rose from the hot and sulfuric ashes life placed at her feet and found the strength to persevere through overwhelming odds. Mastery of personal growth, the pinnacle of success, and moving beyond life’s obstacles are the foundation of Dr. Dee’s offering as an author, life coach, and speaker.

Today, she is a global powerhouse, driving forward inspiration and empowerment in others. Dr. Dee is renowned for the use of her incredible passion and captivating personal experience in support of your move beyond trials, tribulations, and adversities.

She’s known as an empowerment author, speaker, and coach who has captivated audiences worldwide with her story of transformation and reinvention!

Dr. Dee spent over twenty years in HR and management, founded and led a multimillion-dollar firm, and holds degrees in psychology and business administration and management, with aspirations toward an advanced degree in divinity with a focus on Christian counseling. 

Follow for more: DrDeeCarroll.com

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