[Book Release] Touching Orion

December 15, 2020

We are excited to announce the new book by Colonel W. Andrew Pennington  “Touching Orion

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Are you feeling lost?  Do you ever hear a small voice crying out “I want to go home”, but you have no idea where ‘home’ is, or even what home really is?  

Touching Orion is the story of an Air Force navigator that took every possible wrong turn in life… the wrong career, the wrong friends, the wrong poisons, the wrong doctors, and especially, the wrong lovers. 

Some people just seem born to hurt others, and if we aren’t wise, they end up as our wives or husbands. At first, they are our greatest desire, and we give them everything we have. Yet somehow, they just drain our souls. They hang around like shadows, and grow much larger as we move into the light. They leave us in our darkest hours. We’re seeking true and unconditional love in a place we think is our home, but in fact, we’ve just taken another wrong turn.  We’re left empty and alone, terrified, and timid. We have to rebuild our lives on a foundation of fear. And if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we have to start over and over, again and again.

There is hope for the lost. Many people have found a true direction and a sense of peace and happiness. But if you aren’t careful, you can repeat the patterns until you are defeated.  

The stories in Touching Orion are shared to help you understand what is really going on inside the human heart… to help you find your own direction and to guide you into a light of greater peace and fulfillment.

About The Author

Andrew Pennington is a business and military senior executive with deep experience in Aerospace, Academia, and Intelligence, and as a founding member of Air Force Cyber Command.  

He loves to help others, finding great joy in recent work as a professor, executive coach, and CIO mentor.  As a survivor of cancer and emotional abuse, he has a passion for helping others find a way to win even if life is pitching us foul balls.  His greatest accomplishments are the birth of his son, guiding a friend to accept Christ, earning his Air Force wings, and becoming a four-state sparring champion in Taekwondo at the age of 57.  

Andy still loves flying and enjoys training in martial arts under his 9-year-old son, already a second-degree blackbelt, whom he proudly addresses as “sir” in the Dojang!

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