Build Your Podcast | with Erica Glessing

December 23, 2019

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster author and podcast expert, Erica Glessing. Learn the ins and outs of building a successful podcast!

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to start a podcast
  • Different ways to monatize your podcast
  • Using your passion to create an income
  • How to Logo’s for marketing


“I said to the show, you need to be structured to bring me income. So what is that going to look like?” (5:47)
“If you don’t have great content that represents sort of your vision and your work in the world, then nothing’s going to come out of it.” 7:28)

About Erica:

Erica Glessing believes that when you tell your story, you can move mountains. She is an international bestselling author 33+ times over, an expert on happiness and creativity, and hosts the podcast “Energy Clearing for Life Force.”

Erica’s book “Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness” is recommended by thought leaders Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff.

Erica became a professional writer in 1984 and has had more than 5,000 articles published as a professional journalist. Her first nonfiction self help book was published in 2007 “Prospect When You are Happy,” (2007, Wyatt-Mackenzie). She built Happy Publishing in 2012 and has since released more than 35 #1 bestselling books.

“Everything you feel, sense, believe and act upon matters. When you smile, it matters. When you feel great, it matters. Take the time each day to give joy in your very smile. Take time to care for you. Spirit is you, of you, around you, nourishing you. You matter!”

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