Building Resilience | with Joan and Jeanie

September 9, 2019

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview experts Joan McArthur-Blair and Jeanie Cockell about building resilience and discovering your best self.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Learn how to carry hope with you in your life, even in challenging times.
  • Discover the power of hope, despair, and forgiveness.
  • Learn how to focus on your strengths daily.
  • How to reframe your mindset:
    • Think about what you can do.
    • Focus on what is working in your life.
    • Remind yourself that you will survive and continue to smile.
    • Appreciating the little steps that you make.
    • Concentrate on your wins.
    • Remember all of the things you have to be grateful for.
  • Hope is that expectation that what can happen is meant to happen if you’ll keep that notion of trying and carrying forward.
  • Learn how to polish your stone of resilience. Resilience is a practice that each of us can undertake and refine.
  • Understand how to overcome despair.


“It’s a really complex world we’re living in at the moment. So, it requires kind of complex strategies for people to deal with things like their daily resilience.” (2:30)
“Being resilient is about practicing hope and a hopeful view on a daily basis.” (4:30)
“We need forgiveness on kind of a grand scale, the deep recognition as leaders that we don’t have a do over in life that we that we need to really begin to enter into that state of grace, and move forward.” (5:20)
“Do you know how to reach down your hand and help somebody else stand up in life, and leadership?” (13:15)

About Dr. Joan McArthur-Blair:

Joan McArthur-Blair, Co-President, Cockell McArthur-Blair Consulting, is a powerful speaker, writer, and facilitator who grounds her work in a deep passion for learning, change and the possibilities of a positive future. She brings to her consulting work over 25 years in higher education from faculty to president. She is a poet; the author of many articles on Appreciative Inquiry; and two co-authored books, Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education: A Transformative Force (2012) and Building Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry: A Leadership Journey through Hope Despair and Forgiveness (2018)

About Dr. Jeanie Cockell:

Jeanie Cockell is an educational and organizational consultant who specializes in collaboratively designing strategies to help individuals and organizations build positive futures. Her background includes teaching and leadership roles in education. Jeanie co-authored Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education: A Transformative Force (2012) and Building Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry: A Leadership Journey through Hope, Despair and Forgiveness (2018).

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