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June 9, 2023

If you’re a former Scribe Media author who has been left without a publisher due to the closure of Scribe Media, we empathize with your frustration and understand how difficult this can be. It’s been a tough few weeks since Scribe Media unexpectedly closed its doors, leaving many authors scrambling to figure out what happens next. But this isn’t the end of the road! There are still plenty of elite options available to help you continue pursuing your writing dreams and get your work published.

We know transitioning your manuscript can feel overwhelming right now, but don’t despair we want to help you use this transition as an opportunity to continue your writing career and find success once again. Here at Elite Online Publishing, we offer many services such as:

  • Elite Online Publishing professionals

    Elite Online Publishing offers unique top-rate services for authors.


  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • Ebook, NFT, Paperback, Hardback, and Audiobook Publishing
  • WSJ Bestselling Campaigns
  • Personalized Marketing
  • And So Much More!

With our collective insight and knowledge in the publishing industry, let’s explore together what options exist for successful book publication outside of Scribe Media.

Scribe Media History

Scribe Media has been a leading name in the self-publishing industry for almost a decade. Founded in 2014 by Tucker Max and Zach Obront, it grew rapidly to become the go-to place for budding authors. Advertising their services as the one place for authors to go when writing their next book. Scribe Media has become one of the most recognizable leaders in the self-publishing industry. But the success found in their company wasn’t the only thing they wanted, as both Max and Obront stepped away from the company in late 2021. 

Change in Leadership

Scribe Media underwent significant leadership changes well before the founders’ departure. JeVon McCormick was appointed as CEO in 2016 and had since successfully grown the company, earning him admiration in the industry. In fact, he was recognized as one of the best CEO in Austin in 2021. The closure of Scribe and McCormick’s subsequent resignation has understandably shocked many who value his contributions.

In a recent post on his personal LinkedIn page, the now former CEO of Scribe Media opened up about the challenges he faced during his tenure. He recounted a series of situations that culminated in the event. He shared the difficult circumstances he went through and his inadequacy in addressing those issues, resulting in the recent troubles of the company, and apologized deeply to those who were affected.

 “I sincerely and deeply apologize to everyone this has impacted: Scribe and Libra Crew members, Authors, Freelancers, and all the people and companies that helped publish books for Scribe and Libra Authors.” 

However, many authors and former employees of Scribe Media blindsided by recent events feel disenchanted with Scribe Media. Despite the promise to current clients to get them published amid the search for a new buyer, those who have dedicated their time and resources to publishing with Scribe Media for a long while feel let down. Many authors have poured countless hours and resources into publishing their book.

Support For Authors

As a result, publishing companies have been reaching out to offer their services and support to those affected by the sudden layoffs of Scribe Media. 

Melanie Johnson, Co-Founder of Elite Online Publishing:

​​I am reaching out to all the remarkable thought leaders out there. We have an extraordinary opportunity for you to become a bestselling author by publishing your book with us.

At Elite Online Publishing, we are committed to showcasing the brilliance and expertise of authors like you. No matter where you are in the world, we are here to assist you. With a global reach spanning across 84 countries, we can help you make your mark as a bestselling author.

Just like the captivating success stories we’ve published, we believe in exceeding expectations. Whether you’re a first time or seasoned author we believe your book has the potential to captivate millions worldwide, we want to be your publishing partner.

Choose Elite Online Publishing to unleash your thoughts to the world and embark on a journey towards becoming a bestselling author. We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to work with you and showcase your extraordinary ideas. Together, let’s create a book that will captivate and inspire readers globally.

Fill out our author submission form at:

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The Elite Way

What Elite Online Publishing offers is a custom-tailored experience for all our authors. We believe that every author is unique, and deserves a process matching all of your hard work. We promise a white-glove experience from a team of publishers who have the expertise and dedication to make your book a standout seller. 

If you have any questions or would like to work with us please contact us today!

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