Customizing Your Brand with Kate DiLeo

May 9, 2022

Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Kate DiLeo about how to build your brand to represent your message.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to find common ground with your audience.
  • How to come up with your personal tagline.
  • How to implement your brand into daily life.


“Part of the process in writing your brand is understanding who are you even trying to speak to and why.” (9:43)

“It’s far easier for us as leaders and marketers to go where the audience already is, and then show up in that room and deliver our pitch.” (11:24)

“The tendency when you write a brand or write a book, is you’re gonna write these very long verbose corporate sentences. After that you need to tighten those words and get it to feel like you.” (14:28)

About Kate DiLeo:

Kate is an “accidental brand strategist” who originally intended to pursue a PhD in Anthropology, yet discovered the power of branding during her first sales job. In the pursuit of making quota, she realized she needed to cut through the noise with a message that would compel prospects to want to have a conversation.

Kate overcame, honed her craft, and went on to successfully manage millions in pipeline by throwing out the long monologue sales scripts and unsubscribing leads from complex story-based marketing campaigns. Instead, she delivered a simple pitch that invited prospects to engage in a compelling conversation by sharing what she did, how she could solve their problem, and how she differed from the competition.

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About Muting The Megaphone:

Your brand is more than a story, more than a one-way monologue where one person talks while the other person listens. It can be a compelling message that shares who you are and what you do, how you solve your customer’s problem, and how you are different from the competition. It can be the powerful dialogue that authentically gets the right prospect to the right table at the right time. It can be the path of least resistance to revenue that changes the trajectory of your organization.

Book Coming July 2022

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