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Do you speak for a living? Write a book!

July 3, 2019

Whether you’re a politician, pastor, professor, lawyer, motivational speaker, dietician, business owner, whatever your profession, if you need to talk to people, then you need to write a book.

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On their site, Businessing Magazine posted a blog that made some compelling arguments for why you should write a book – especially if you’re a public speaker. We took our favorite points and bolded them for you, so you can save your marker and avoid the dog ear pages.


People Connect with Books

As a speaker of any kind, connecting with your audience is paramount. You could be the most gifted orator in history, but if you’re not making a connection with the people you’re speaking to, you have a huge problem. And you might be thinking, “but if I’m making a connection during my talk, will a book really make any difference?”

It all comes back to why you are speaking in the first place. You’re there to deliver a message, and whether the goal of that message is to motivate, educate, or entertain, communication doesn’t simply end the moment your speech does. Audience members will have questions. They’ll talk amongst themselves about what they’ve just heard. And, if you’re available, they’ll come talk to you afterwards, too.

Remember, the time you’re on stage (or at the podium or at the front of the classroom) is only the beginning. That part has to go well in order to get everyone’s attention, but if you are trying to build relationships, you need something more. You need to be able to connect individually with people and allow them to spend time with you long after the event is over. Obviously, you cannot do that in person beyond meeting people at the event, so a book is the perfect vehicle for giving your audience the chance to dive deeper into your story and your message.

And I cannot stress enough: this is not about selling from the stage or persuading people to buy your book. This is about conversation. When you have authentic interactions and when people have the chance to experience your genuine passion for your message (which is what happens when people read books), you gain fans for life. These are people that will do so much more for you than simply spend $7-10 on a book. They will support you in whatever you do, and they will spread the word about you and your message. It’s powerful and long-lasting!

Books Help You Connect to Your Own Message

The process of writing a book is intense. No matter what the topic is, writing a book forces you to learn more about it than you ever thought you’d have to. Not only that, but in order to communicate effectively, you have to refine your thoughts and present them in a way that flows and makes sense to readers. Even if you get writing assistance from a professional (which we at Founder Nonfiction highly recommend!), you still need that professional to understand what you’re trying to say.

All of this is not to freak you out about the amount of effort that goes into a book—rather it’s to encourage you and let you know that the work is worth it! All of that legwork that you’ll put into research and outlining and writing and rewriting will pay off immensely the next time you have to prepare for a speaking engagement. You will know your material so much better than ever before, and you will have thoroughly considered the best way to deliver your message to an audience.

Preparing for a speaking event is stressful for most people, even for people who do it all the time. Imagine having a lot of that stress removed because you already did the heavy lifting while writing your book. Of course, for any speaking event, you’ll still have prep work to do because writing and speaking are different and because different events will require certain individual touches, but still—what a load off!


As you can see, writing a book is a journey that’s well worth the effort. And once you have made the decision that writing a book is what’s best for your career, be sure to contact us here at Elite Online Publishing. We’ll help you concept and write your message, then ensure a beautiful presentation and brag-worthy sales you’d be proud to share with your audience. Give us a call and we’ll help you share your story.

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