#1 International Bestselling Author Dr. Dorine Rivers

March 10, 2023


#1 International Bestselling Author Dr. Dorine Rivers releases her book Brain to Bank: How to Get Your Idea Out of Your Head and Cash In with Success.

PHOENIX, AZ– Friday, March 10, 2023 – Author Dr. Dorine Rivers joined the ranks of bestselling authors on Amazon with her New Book, Brain to Bank: How to Get Your Idea Out of Your Head and Cash In, which was released Tuesday, March 7th, 2023, by Amazon.com – the nation’s #1 place to buy books.

Elite Online Publishing marketed and promoted the book and reached #1 International Bestseller on Amazon in TEN categories in the US, CA, and AU. Including Mentoring & Coaching and Starting a Business in the US. E-Commerce and Operations Research in CA. Business Production & Operations, Careers, Knowledge Capital, Sales & Selling, Total Quality Management, and Women Writers in AU. She also reached #1 Hot New Releases in FOURTEEN categories in US, AU, and CA! 


No matter how brilliant you know your idea to be, the chain of events that brings that idea to market must follow a well-thought-out course of action.
Recognizing and developing well-targeted, innovative products and solutions and launching them on schedule and within budget is complicated.
Brain to Bank is the all-inclusive critical blueprint needed to successfully set in motion your new company, product, or service and help you get your idea out of your head and into the hands of consumers.
As you implement strategic actions to keep driving your idea forward, you’ll finally experience your incredible idea going from mind to money.
Brain to Bank fills in the gaps of what you know, what you don’t know, and, most importantly, what you don’t know you don’t know so you can finally cross the finish line and cash in!
Brain to Bank is for the gutsy entrepreneur willing to make it happen!


Dr. Dorine Rivers, “River” to her friends, literally grew up on North and South American rivers rafting wild whitewater rapids, basking in the sun, and sleeping under a canopy of brilliant constellations. She transferred by osmosis her enthusiasm for the outdoors to her five children (all successful in their own right now) and her 20 grandchildren.
River has an undergraduate degree in creative writing, a Ph.D. in Business Management, Investment Banking and General Contractor licenses, and a few other degrees and certifications in between. She is the CEO of Alpha 81 Inc., an Arizona-based firm successfully supporting corporate innovations, expansions, and exits in software, technology, medical, life/health sciences, education, and other industries.
Her expertise is in strategic planning and management, and in building effective business infrastructures by creating and identifying growth opportunities and providing advisory services.
Her award-winning writing, photography, and graphic design have been published in books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, and advertisements. She is also a screenwriter and producer, as well as a developer of online educational courses.
She loves cooking, adventure photography, and is an avid biker, hiker, and water-sports lover.
Her everyday motto for living is based on Helen Keller’s quote: 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

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A donation was made in Dr. Dorine Rivers’s name on behalf of Elite Online Publishing to sponsor a child at the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation—the child will receive 6 books of their choice provided by the foundation. An additional donation was made to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, providing an Imagination Library book to a child each month for 1 year!

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