Finding Your Career Strategy with Donna Peters

March 14, 2022

Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Donna Peters about her book, Options are Power: Career Strategies for High Performers Who Want a Life.

About Options Are Power: 

You’re a high performer who wants a career on your own terms. Maybe you’re exploring the best, next step. Maybe you feel stuck. Maybe you want more. No matter where you are right now, you need options. When you have options, you’re in control. You make decisions from a position of strength. You run to something, not from something. Options Are Power provides strategies for surrounding yourself with options. You’ll learn to lead with a Me-Suite mindset, cultivating the role you want work to play in your life.
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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How your personal values drive your decisions.

  • How to set clear priorities.

  • How to stay relevant for the future you want.


“For business people if you have or haven’t been out there in C suite buzzword land, the C suite are the chiefs that sit in the leadership team of a company. And in my coaching practice, my methodology is anchored in the neuroscience of leadership.” (5:27)

“There are so many things we cannot control about our health, but the spirit here around physical and mental health in the book is be knowledgeable, be proactive, control the controllables.” (10:14)

“I think we all have experiences where we recognize our primacy might have changed, but the key is looking yourself in the mirror, and really deciding what really truly has primacy right now.” (18:14)

About Donna Peters:

Donna Peters is a seasoned executive coach, lecturer, and author. As Founder of The Me-Suite, Peters helps career-driven professionals take control of the life they want to live. Peters believes each of us needs a C-Suite mentality to lead our own lives with more purpose, planning, and power–like C-Suites lead the companies we most admire. Peters knows we each need a Me-Suite mindset to marshal our personal core values, keep our day-to-day running smoothly, and stay fresh and relevant for the future we want to have.

Formerly a senior partner in Management Consulting, Peters hosts the top-ranking podcast, The Me-Suite, 2021 finalist for both Best Business Podcast and People’s Choice Award. She is faculty for the Executive MBA program at Emory’s Goizueta School of Business and certified through the International Coaching Federation. Peters’ core values are Curiosity, Freedom and Respect.

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