From Dreams to Pages with Paul P. Rachmanides

February 12, 2024

Melanie Johnson co-owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Paul P. Rachmanides author of the bestselling memoir ‘An American Dream.’ Learn the challenges and triumphs of writing his inspiring story, his unique approach to overcoming technical hurdles, and how Elite Online Publishing transformed his dream into a literary success.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Power of Personal Stories.
  • The Role of a Good Publisher.
  • Persistence and Adaptability in Writing.


“To start writing, I decided to write through my head. That’s the only way I could write it. I’ll get home around eight o’clock at night take a quick shower, you know, eat something, hit the sack for three, four hours, wake up around one in the morning, sit down on my table, and start writing, and writing.” (03:32)

“I recommend Elite Online Publishing to anyone, no matter at what stage you are in writing the book. Call them. Hire them. Do yourself a favor.” (08:29)

About Paul P. Rachmanides:

This is the story of a man from Greece and the journey that would eventually take him to the USA, the country of his dreams. Paul P. Rachmanides was born on November 19, 1949, in Dikea, Eyros, Greece. Paul’s early life on the farm and the strict rules of his father helped establish principles for the future. After graduating from high school in June of 1967, Paul served honorably in the Greek Special Forces as a Second Lieutenant graduated from Ranger and Paratrooper schools, and descended into a grizzly bear’s den to rescue her three two-day-old cubs.

Paul set his mind to acquiring a student VISA and would make it to the United States on August 23, 1971. Without knowing a word of English or anyone, he received a Master’s Degree from Thunderbird, the School of Global Management through perseverance and dedication.

He worked for CBS Records International in Europe as an Executive Trainee for one year before resigning so he could return to his dream country, the USA. Paul felt his dream of living in America slipping away, but he would struggle but also succeed in returning. For the next twenty years, Paul experiences his own Odyssey, desperately trying to build the life he wants for himself. On January 18, 2001, Paul founded the State Inspection of Kingwood. He was profitable by the fourth month of operation and never looked back. Paul sold his business in 2018 and is happily retired.

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