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Strong, Sane & Sassy: Your Life Changes Today

February 13, 2024

We are excited to announce the release of the book Strong, Sane & Sassy: Eight Proven Powerful Lifestyle Habits That Transform You From The Inside Out and Exposing The Truth About Real Health.

TODAY ONLY, the Kindle eBook is only 99 cents. Head over to Amazon and order your eBook for yourself or a friend! Hurry before it returns to the regular price.

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Strong Sane and Sassy Health BookABOUT THE BOOK

Strong, Sane & Sassy guides you to create habits that produce thriving health and well-being not for days or weeks but for a lifetime – transforming you where change takes place – in the inner parts of your mind, your body, and your heart. These powerful, proven habits become your way of living. As you internalize them, they automatically become, first and foremost, who you are, not just what you do. 

Using acrostic STRENGTH, each lifestyle habit is clearly spelled out in a way to practically implement into your lifestyle – empowering you to live in your best, healthiest version of yourself. 

Strong, Sane & Sassy’s STRENGTH habits for true health and wellness: 


  • Supportive Listening: Sense Your Body’s Signals 
  • Train Your Thought Patterns 
  • Rest and Rejuvenate 
  • Exercise and Move 
  • Nutrify and Hydrate 
  • Goal-Set with Grace 
  • Thrive in Your Community 
  • Hone Your Healthy Habits 

This book is your invitation to embark on a lifelong journey of well-being. Let Strong, Sane & Sassy be your trusted guide with a step-by-step strategy toward a healthier and more vibrant life. Get ready to embrace change, unleash your potential, and create a legacy of wellness for generations to come.

Welcome to a new chapter of your life, where strength, sanity, and sassiness are the hallmarks of your life.


Lynda Hébert is a passionate advocate for foundational health and wellness, driven by a profound personal experience that shaped her life’s mission. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ohio State University and extensive experience as a Registered Nurse in Florida, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work as a sought-after health coach, consultant, and mind-heart-body teacher. Lynda’s strong background in holistic health coaching, along with her national certification as a registered yoga teacher (RYT), allows her to offer a comprehensive understanding of the mind-heart-body connection to promote life-giving health. She is committed to educating and equipping others on harnessing the power of optimal cellular functioning through natural solutions.

Lynda’s unquenchable passion for holistic health and wellness was ignited by the devastating loss of her younger brother, Ricky, and beloved big sister, Diane. Witnessing their suffering and lifestyle habits, she immersed herself in intense study, research, and personal experience to develop true foundational health from within. Lynda’s signature work, her book Strong, Sane, & Sassy, is a culmination of her extensive experience and unyielding passion for empowering others to live truth-oriented, energy-producing lives. Through her writing, she aims to guide both women and men in developing and maintaining healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits leading to true health and wellness, generation after generation.

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