Gaining Credibility In The Market Place With Victoria Kennedy

April 26, 2021

Melanie Johnson owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Victoria Kennedy about how to get credibility and authority in the market place.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to get credibility on social media.
  • How to elevate your website using LinkedIn.
  • How to get to the million dollar run rate.


“Here is a little secret, you only have three seconds to impress somebody who comes to your page, they’re gonna make an assessment about you in three seconds.” (5:58)

When people think about marketing, they think about you when they think about social media, they think about you because you’ve taken the time to establish your credibility with PR. (9:25)

In our minds, we think we know who we are, but how the world see us is different, and how we choose to be seen in the world is different. (11:54)

About Victoria Kennedy:

Victoria Kennedy was nominated as a 2020 Brand Ambassador for Inman. She is a well-respected authority in Real Estate marketing. She is also the CEO of Atlas Real Estate, a lead generation agency that is committed to providing more leads and closings for Realtors.

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