Throwback Thursday – How Elite Online Publishing was Born

April 4, 2019

Have you ever had a good idea and decided to just run with it? That’s exactly what these two single moms, Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, did.  After attending the same marketing conferences for a while, they became friends and an idea was born. They both knew the publishing industry and were #1 Bestselling authors, and Melanie had a villa down in the Dominican Republic.  Jenn was determined to figure out how to monetize both assets. Together they came up with the idea to host a book writing retreat at the beach called “Hot Chicks Write Hot Books at the Beach.” During the breaks at one of their conferences, they made a video, created the logo, sent out an email campaign, and created the website  The retreat was a success.

After the retreat’s success, other authors wanting to publish their book started pouring in. The result was Elite Online Publishing – a self-publishing company that turns entrepreneurs and business leaders into bestselling authors. The goal was simple: to create valuable platforms from which leaders can share their ideas and pass on their expertise. They worked hard to develop a strategy and process that ensures every author Elite publishes becomes a #1 Bestseller. By combining their unique expertise and past experiences, Melanie & Jenn designed a company that allows business leaders to share their ideas, become expert authorities in their field, and realize a dream of becoming a bestselling published author. During that time, Melanie & Jenn also realized their own dreams by becoming bestselling authors themselves, and successful business owners who help other business leaders grow their businesses and build lasting brands.

At launch, many of their authors have beat out books published by authors such as Tina Fey, Tim Ferris, and Robin Williams. Their success comes from their ability to turn ordinary business leaders with little to no writing experience into accomplished authors who top the charts and become instant authorities. At the end of the day, all of their authors are part of the Elite publishing family and often continue to work with Melanie & Jenn after the success of their first book launch.

Melanie & Jenn offer a unique service to entrepreneurs looking to publish their book online. Not only do they offer full-service publishing packages that publish books from start to finish, they also fully brand and market your book in order to create a “buzz” that captivates audiences and drives your book to become a bestseller at launch.

In addition to expert branding and marketing services that include video production, author page platform design, social media and website design and management, Melanie & Jenn also helps authors find their voice through writing workshops, masterclasses and content creation digital courses. They pride themselves on their ability to help business professionals become authors who are able to brand themselves in a meaningful way and create permanent resources for their clients and readers to carry with them.

Melanie & Jenn also host two podcasts – “Hot Chicks Write Hot Books,” which features distinguished authors who speak about the writing process, self-publishing, and book marketing AND “Elite Expert Insider,” a weekly podcast that educates, inspires and motivates entrepreneurs, innovators, and growth seekers.

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