How To Elevate Your Brand Using Sponsors

Melanie Johnson speaks with Charmaine Hammond about how sponsorship can elevate your brand by using other peoples money and trades.

Charmaine credits the power of community and teams with being able to pursue her dreams, build successful businesses, and engage in interesting and varied work. Like you, she is on a mission to make a big impact in the world. Charmaine has learned that through collaboration and the power of collective influence, she is able to help more people and make a much bigger difference in the world.

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Show Notes-

  • Always think about the sponsors
  • Make the conversation about the sponsor not you
  • Think outside of the box


“Knowing  your value or what are you bringing to the table is critical to get a good sponsorship” (6:17)
“Getting them to share information about how they work and what’s important to them because you’re going to use your amazing listening skills and start to pair up what they’re saying and how it aligns with your project or maybe it doesn’t and it’s been a great call and then you’ve determined it’s not a great fit” (8:28)

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