The Secret to Finding The Money For Your Business

February 25, 2019

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak about the secret ways to get enough money for your business/project. 

Melanie & Jenn offer a unique service to entrepreneurs looking to publish their book online. Not only do they offer full-service publishing packages that publish books from start to finish, they also fully brand and market your book in order to create a “buzz” that captivates audiences and drives your book to become a bestseller at launch.

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Show Notes-

  • Always think about sponsors
  • You can get little things sponsored like your hair or dry cleaning.
  • Think outside of the box


“Getting big sponsors that are going to sponsor a big event” (1:49)

“You got to make sure that you think about what the sponsor needs and what their marketing is” (5:21)

“You have to kind of think outside of the box” (7:44)

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