How to Land Your Book in Airport Stores

December 10, 2021

How to Land Your Book in Airport Stores

As a writer, let’s discuss how you can pitch your book to airport stores. 

The top selling genres in airports are:

  • Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Chick Lit/Romance
  • Literary Fiction
  • Inspirational Non-Fiction
  • Self-Help
  • Business
  • Children’s Picture and Board Books

But first, where do airport stores buy books?

Most stores order books from Ingram Wholesaler. These stores also utilize other select wholesalers, however, these wholesalers differ regionally and therefore are not easily accessible to independent authors.

Airport stores are looking for the following items when they order books: 

  • High-quality books
  • Appealing to their demographic
  • Available at a full trade discount
  • Proven sales record
  • Marketing and PR plans that forecast great sales

How can you pitch your book to airport stores?

The customers at airport stores come in waves. There are times when they are busy, usually before a plane boards. But there are also chunks during the day when the store stays empty. Oftentimes the shoppers don’t have the time to discuss the books in the stores.

The best way to pitch your book to airport stores is by being prepared. Do your research on each unique bookstore, and contact them via email. If you are traveling and the opportunity to pitch your book arises, then these are the items you should have ready:

A Book One Sheet – This is a printed marketing piece that can be handed over to the store employee or the buyer for that airport store. This sheet should contain the following information:

      • Title
      • ISBN
      • Retail pricing
      • Big achievements or awards
      • Endorsements 
      • Contact information

A Copy of Your Book – Physically seeing the quality of your product will persuade the buyer into purchasing your books. If you’re able, leave a few as testers or gifts.

Attitude –  Similar to a solid 90-second elevator pitch, you need some cerebral speaking skills to get the job. But 9/10 times (don’t check my math), it’s the great attitude that seals the deal! Be sure to respect their time and their answers, but never give up long-term.

Keep in mind, most of these bookstores are chains, meaning the employees running the stands or registers don’t really have the power to put your book on the shelf. When you’re able, leave a piece of your book behind, like the one sheet or a book-themed business card at the very least (even better yet, a paperback or hardback AND a one-sheet!)

Original Post Written by Keri-Rae Barnum for New Shelves on September 27, 2021 

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