How to Make Money by Writing a Book

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson talk about how to get an ROI with a book. How do I write a book to build my business and brand.

If you’re looking for credibility in the marketplace then you need to have a book because you get that instant authority. Now all of a sudden, you’ve got this book, you’re going to get media attention, you have an excuse to reach out, have a press release for your company, do interviews about your book, and of course, if you work with Elite Online Publishing, you become a number one best selling author.


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Show Notes-

  • The key to being succesful with a book is having a call to action page.
  • Having a book will get you media attention.
  • You may already have the content of your book in your past blogs or media posts.


“Keep in mind where is your content? You might have a website, you might have a blog, you might have articles you’ve submitted to different places you might have notes you’ve taken, or you might already have started writing something. (7:55)

“Writing a book positions you in the marketplace, it gets you media attention, you can do strategies, we create strategies for all our clients, depending on what their businesses or their goals are” (11:30)

“If you’re looking for authority in the marketplace, then you need to have a book” (2:10)

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