How To Relaunch Your Business After COVID-19

May 21, 2021

How To Relaunch Your Business After COVID-19

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared a world health emergency, the global economy was threatened as businesses took the biggest hit in years. To remain relevant in the market, many businesses have had to adopt practices they may have never considered prior to the pandemic. In the post-Corona era, brands will be frantically competing for attention and survival. Priorities will have shifted, forcing marketing practices to reflect the change.

Gaining a competitive edge over the competition in the post-COVID-19 era will require fine-tuning current marketing strategies before relaunching your business. Even though the finances might impede running the required campaigns, you can still get the ball rolling with a few essential tweaks.

Start with customer empathy

Leads and conversions always begin with content marketing, which involves creating quality content to the relevant audience. Before the customers associate with your business, they need to feel connected to it. The biggest trick has always been to humanize your content before reaching out to the target audience.

In order for you to succeed, adjust your brand voice to reflect what your customers are facing. Be authentic, think like them, and show them heartfelt empathy from every angle whenever you want to market your products or services. In other words, don’t rush into a sale or force hitting pain points. Be honestly relatable.

Reassess the situation

Your marketing strategy may have worked well pre-COVID-19, but now you need to do some fine-tuning. That means taking a holistic approach and reexamining your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis as part of your overall marketing strategy. Then scan the new world for opportunities and threats. View your business through your customers’ post-COVID-19 eyes. What do they want to know? What is preventing them from making a purchase or visiting your business? Do you need to consider a digital expansion to accommodate people who are shopping from home?

Get a well-rounded CRM tool

If a brand is looking to use the multichannel approach while still propagating a sense of positivity, a credible and powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform would be ideal.

CRM enables the marketers to gather data and analytics that provide information such as customer demographics, life cycle in accordance to the product, whether they’re likely to purchase something, and how they can keep track of their campaigns.

In a post-Corona environment, this will be the best tool with a massive outreach that can allow you to categorize your clients easily. You can also take full advantage of built-in features such as customized messages and emails to reach clients.

4 Digital Strategies to Pave a Successful Comeback

        • Leverage your social media channels to communicate with your customers, clients and prospects. Communicating with transparency is going to be key in reestablishing your business, getting existing clients back, as well as attracting new customers.
        • Use your website to announce your reopening, as well as new operating hours, guidelines or capacity limits. Include updates about how you are keeping your employees safe and how your sanitation efforts have ramped up.
        • Use email marketing to let your customers know that you are open for business. Your email list is an invaluable tool and the most cost-effective way to relaunch.
        • Deliver compelling content and continue to serve as a resource. Share video tips or tutorials, offer webinars and free, downloadable resources.

Identify your key paid advertising channels

Search engines like Google and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been the go-to channels for those who wish to promote their brands. Through the paid advertisements, many businesses have reached a bigger audience, with most of them experiencing an increase in sales.

However, these may not be the only platforms to consider for your paid advertising campaigns. During the lockdown period, many other channels came up and even became a sensation. For instance, the use of TikTok became an instant hit, with millions of users downloading the app. It’s worth taking a second look at and reassessing the media grounds of this new post-corona era.

Another popular marketing strategy would be the use of influencers to promote your brand. With the many restrictions in place, people would not freely leave their homes, hence getting glued to their social media accounts and getting updates from their favorite celebrities.

Focus on brand longevity

If you have been in the marketing industry long enough, you will find that hundreds of companies once took the world by storm when they were launched, only for the majority of them to close down a few months later. The mistake many of such brands made was neglecting longevity and solely focused on short-term benefits. There needs to be more substance to build off of in your product to ensure that you remain relevant.

Do not promote fear

Yes, be honest and relatable; but promoting fear is never recommended, as it is not a good motivator for a brand that’s targeting longevity. If you want your business to have long-term visibility, do not take advantage of the fear and panic that some people might have to lure them into making a purchase. You should know how to differentiate a sense of urgency and panic and how your business will get impacted by both circumstances.

The bottom line is, brands that need to remain relevant will have to make amendments to their marketing strategies. A few tweaks need to be made to the already existing campaigns and incorporating new tactics, such as creating a podcast. Although the times might not be easy, use our tips, and you’ll be guaranteed to come out strong.

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