Overcoming Change With Marge Fajardo

May 24, 2021

Melanie Johnson owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Marge Fajardo about how to overcome self doubt, constant change and financial trials. 

Listen Below:

Watch Below:

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to utilize a mental fitness routine.
  • How to be aware of your own saboteur.
  • How to recognize your greatness.


“My focus has been on helping coaching clients become mentally fit, to face situations in their lives, or when they wanted to reach dreams that they thought they would never achieve.” (2:59)

“You need to develop that confidence, because the world is always trying to cut you down in different ways.” (10:45)

“Maybe you developed a belief that in order for you to be loved, you needed to please other people. This actually disconnects from who you are, and what’s important to you, because you’re looking outside yourself for validation.” (18:45)


About Marge Fajardo:

Marge works with executives who are challenged by constant change, global competition, massive changes in technology, virtual teams, financial trials, and the need be innovators and to develop other leaders in order to keep their organization sustainable and growing. She provides them with a sounding board; helps them define their problems in solvable terms, explore alternative ways of thinking, deal with sidetracking distractions, engage their employees and build team alignment, create action plans and champion execution of those plans to get the results they so desperately need. At the same time they need a coach who will help them connect to who they are as a person—their purpose and values—so they can be personally in alignment and true to their own beliefs and ethics and personal life.

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