How to Get a TEDx Talk – Expert Tips

August 4, 2023

TEDx Talks are one of the most popular platforms for individuals to share their ideas and experiences with the world. These talks provide a unique opportunity to reach a global audience and potentially change lives. However, getting a TEDx Talk can be a challenging process. We’ve created this blog post to share our tips and tricks for securing a TEDx Talk. Read on to learn more about the process of applying, the benefits of giving a TEDx Talk, and how to successfully market your talk.

What are TEDx Talks?

TEDx Talks are events hosted by the nonprofit organization, TED (TED stands for Technology, Education, and Design). These events are designed to bring together people from all walks of life to share ideas, experiences, and perspectives about a wide range of topics. TEDx Talks are independently organized, meaning that anyone can apply to give a talk in their community. While there are limited TED talks given each year, there are thousands of TEDx Talks hosted around the world each year, and millions of people watch Ted Talks online.

Why Give a TEDx Talk?

Giving a TEDx Talk can have numerous benefits for your personal and professional growth. For one, it can be a great opportunity to share your ideas, experiences, and stories with a global audience. Additionally, it can be an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You may also be approached by potential clients or partners who saw your TEDx Talk and were impressed by your ideas. Finally, giving a TEDx Talk can be a valuable experience for your own personal growth as a public speaker and communicator.

How to Give a TEDx Talk

A typical TEDx Talk lasts around 10-18 minutes and is centered around a specific idea or theme. The speaker usually tells a personal story or shares an experience that relates to the theme before offering insights and takeaways to the audience. TEDx Talks are often filmed in front of a live audience and can be viewed online on the TED website. The co-owner of our company has given a TEDx talk on how to write your own legacy, which you can watch by clicking here!

Process of Applying

The process of getting a TEDx Talk can vary depending on the organizers and location. However, there are some steps you can follow to increase your chances of being selected to give a talk. 

Apply to Local TEDx

As mentioned before, there are a lot more opportunities to give TEDx talks. Search for local TEDx events to apply to about 6-8 months before the event.

Research Other TEDx Talks

Get to know the format and structure of a TED talk. This way when you give your pitch you’re already familiar with how talks are presented.


Part of your research will inform you of people who have given TEDx talks or are part of the community. Don’t be afraid to reach out to get some advice. 

Review Your Pitch

You will need to submit a proposal outlining your idea and why it is compelling. It’s essential to prepare thoroughly and practice your talk before the event to ensure that you deliver it with confidence and clarity.

If your proposal is accepted, you’ll be invited to give a preliminary talk before being selected to speak at the main event. 

How to Market it Successfully

Once you’ve given your TEDx Talk, the next step is to market it successfully. This can be done by leveraging social media platforms, creating a dedicated website for your talk, and reaching out to local media outlets. You can also use your TEDx Talk as a springboard for other opportunities, such as writing a book or giving keynote speeches. Lastly, it’s essential to stay connected with the TEDx community and attend other TEDx events in your area to continue building relationships and sharing your ideas.
In conclusion, giving a TEDx Talk can be an incredibly rewarding experience for entrepreneurs and business owners. By following the expert tips from Elite Online Publishing, you can increase your chances of being selected and ensure that your talk is a success. Whether you’re sharing your personal story or offering insights into your industry, a TEDx Talk can be a powerful tool for sharing your ideas with the world. Good luck on your journey to becoming a TEDx speaker!

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