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April 22, 2022

Writing the Book that Writes Itself

Easy Steps to Writing a Book

You’ve probably heard it said, or perhaps even said it yourself, “I should write a book about that!”

A lot of people want to write a book. Eighty percent of people say they want to write a book. Many only think about writing a book, with only one percent actually following through. The question is, What stops them?

One simple answer is: fear, exhaustion, high standards (which is basically fear of failure), Imposter Syndrome (fear of rejection), perfectionism (fear of not being good enough), busyness (fear of not having enough time), laziness (really fear in sheep’s clothing?), lack of structure (fear of not knowing how to start), and did I mention fear?

Why Publish a Book – Now

Some of you do not know where to start. After all, writing a book can seem incredibly daunting. We have clients — some of who signed on this week — and the ideas just kept rolling around in their head. They thought, ‘Maybe I should write about this. Maybe I should write about that.’ They just cannot get to that starting point. That’s what is stopping them from starting to write a book.

We are going to tackle that initial fear — the doubt you have in yourself. You may be thinking, ‘What if I’m not a writer? How can I possibly write a book?’ Remember, your book becomes your business card that speaks volumes, pun intended.

Business cards are lost and thrown away. They become obsolete and hardly memorable, and quickly the person forgets why he has your card in his pocket in the first place. However, a book is a different story, more puns. It never gets thrown away and it becomes the most memorable business card you can hand a person, and because of this, you’re going to get more clients.

Repurpose Your Content

Getting into the nitty-gritty of what you’re really here for — how to write a book. One of our favorite ways to start writing a book is by repurposing your content. So many people ask where to start — they have no idea where to even begin. Sure, they have ideas, and they know the type of content they want to write, but they are not sure how to collect that all into a book. So, start with what you already have!

The Perfect Example

We have an author who is saying, “I don’t know if I should write about this or if I should write about that.” Turns out, he has speeches he can use. He holds probably three to four speeches a month, and always is writing new speeches. Because of this, he has an entire library of speeches that he has written. The great part about that? All the speeches could be distilled together into a book. Do you have blogs that you have written? Do you have newsletters that you distribute? Or, maybe you have a podcast? That brings us to where we started — there is a significant benefit to having a podcast.

A Few Tips On Your Book Content

What many authors forget to do is that they forget to have a call to action in their book. We are going to tell you right now in the beginning, you need to have a method where they can reach you and can get more information — something they can opt into. You want to be able to capture their email address and their contact information. Because when people buy your book online, they’re not giving you that information from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is that you put a call to action in the beginning and the end of the book.

Become an Expert

You may not be an expert yet, but you can interview other people to become the expert. Most know Tony Robbins, a very famous icon. His book Money Masters takes content from different financial people as clients of his. It was when we went through the market crash of 2008-2009 that inspired him. A few years after that, he wrote this book. And he went and interviewed all the people that were his clients and other experts he knew in this field to share all the advice that they had. Was Tony the expert? No, he wasn’t the expert. Of course, he knew things and he interjected things, but really, it was all the other experts he interviewed. Now think about what other experts you could interview to create a book. Or think about potential dream clients you could interview to be in the book. They may be in a similar or complementary field. There are limitless options!

Someone Interviews You

Another way to write your book fast is to have someone interview you. You might be thinking that sounds intimidating — and that’s reasonable! We all have different boundaries, limits, and comfort levels. Thankfully we live in the age of technology and artificial intelligence offers a great way you can do it all by yourself. You could literally be sitting in your closet, in your car, or hanging out at the gym and you can talk your book into existence. One of our favorite options to do this is the app Evernote, but you can also use the Notes feature or the Voice app on your phone.

Use A.I. 

Think about it this way, we often do our best thinking at seemingly random times. You might do your best thinking when you’re on the treadmill or working out and sometimes when you’re in the car sitting at a light, you find yourself hit with inspiration. You can just turn on one of these apps and start talking. If you’re on a long drive on the freeway and just start talking it out, during that two- or three-hour drive, you can have your whole book talked out in that time. It can take you 30 days, or less to have your whole book written simply by recording yourself. It doesn’t have to take years to write your book. It can be captured in a matter of hours!

Interview Yourself On Camera

Another way to write a book is you can video yourself. You can capture different clips and video yourself talking about your services and products. Once you have that, you can go back and figure out the order and have it transcribed. It’s written for you with little effort!

Pros and Cons

If you’re thinking you don’t know what to write or how to create your content still, there’s an easy solution. One of our favorite writing styles is to do pros and cons, as well as do’s and don’ts. For example, the pros and cons of a topic, such as having a podcast. You take this idea and say, “here are the top pros and cons of having a podcast.” Why should you have a podcast, and what are the do’s and don’ts when you’re looking for starting one.


You’re Not Recreating the Wheel

Think about what sells your business to other people and align yourself as the expert in that field. What is it going to take to convince the reader that you are the expert. When they read your book, they should be thinking, “Wow, they know everything about this topic! I should hire them to do this.” Not only that, but you want them to learn something. If they learned something, then this is the person to hire if I were to do that.

The easiest way that we’re telling you to do this — to create a book and content — is to come up with a  podcast. Once you have a podcast, you have the content of your book, and then you can publish the book and use it over and over again. The most important takeaway here is to tell your story and get it out there. Take that little bit of time, take those few hours — it’s really that easy to create your book by drafting the outline, use the Otter app, get your transcription edited, and then you have a book you can use for a lifetime!


Publish Your Book

A Winning Title

The title and subtitle are vital in developing your brand. It’s also essential to creating a book that can be successfully marketed. As much as we want to think everyone’s going to read every page of our book, that’s not always the case. If it is — you’re lucky. We really do judge a book by the cover, and the title is part of the cover.

A winning title includes the following formula: This book is for __________ (audience) who has/have ___________ (problem) so that you can ______________ (get a benefit, result, outcome, cure)…

Book Cover

Your book cover is very important. Not only does it need to look good on a bookshelf, but it needs to stand out as a small one-inch icon online. The Amazon app and website will feature your book as a small icon. It is important that your book cover has contrast. If the book is white with small letters it will not stand out the same if it’s dark with dark letters, no one will be able to read it. You want a book that stands out. Go to Amazon and search a topic of your choice in the book category. Notice the icons. Which book covers stand out to you? These are the book covers you will want to model. You also can peruse an airport bookstand. Which book covers stand out the most? How is the title positioned?

Book Marketing and Promotions

You want to talk about a referral tool? Books. Books are the best marketing tool to get you referrals. About once or twice a year I order about 100-250 books. I order them at the wholesale price, to give them out to clients and partners. When you have strategic partners, you can give them copies of your book to hand out to prospective clients. That’s the power of having the right book. I have clients who have secured many new clients of their own by doing this. If you have been thinking about writing a book, it’s time to get off the fence. It’s time to use your book as a marketing tool and profit from your book. 

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