How to use Your Podcast to Sell Books

July 22, 2022

Using podcasts to promote your books can give you a new audience. It can also give you a chance to understand your audience better. There are so many reasons to give podcasting a chance to help you sell more books.

Why Use Podcasts to Promote Your Books?

Ease of Consumption

To read Podcasts are much easier to consume than text-based media and video. That’s something, you need to sit still and focus attentively. Watching videos takes less concentration, but you still need to be still. In contrast, podcasts can be easily consumed while multitasking.

Thanks to smartphones, people can listen to podcasts anywhere and everywhere – during their commute, in the gym, while doing housework, or even in bed at night. By guesting on podcasts or creating your own, you’ll make it easier for audiences to connect with your message and familiarize themselves with what your latest book is all about.


This is where podcasting really shines. It allows you to connect with people on a deeper, more personal level. Earbuds transmit voices directly inside the listener’s heads, where they rub shoulders with their own thoughts. This creates an effect where it seems like you’re talking directly to them. That can lead to the creation of incredibly strong connections. Many fans identify as “friends” of their favorite podcasters, even if they’ve never met them.

Being a Guest on Other Podcasts

If you’re keen to tap into the power of podcasts, we recommend starting out by being a guest on other podcasts first. It takes a lot less effort than setting up your own podcast, and for authors, it delivers many of the same benefits.

To get started, you need to compile a list of podcasts likely to be a good fit for the subject matter of your book. Closer alignment typically results in more sales. For example, if you’ve written a book about diet and nutrition, it would make sense to focus your efforts on getting booked on health and wellness podcasts. You need to exclusively target the audiences most likely to purchase your book after hearing your interview.

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  1. Mary Jarrett

    I have a book that has been published. I need exposure in attracting a vast audience. Do I read the book myself ?

    • eliteonlinepublishing

      Contact us to learn about our book marketing packages and bestseller campaign.


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