How Writing a Book Positions You as an Expert in Your Field

March 18, 2020

Turn your passion and education into a bestselling book — establishing your position as an expert in your field by answering reader’s questions. 

Write What You Know and Gain Credibility

Establish Credibility & Gaining More Customers

Publishing a book, particularly one that is successful or reaches bestseller status, will help elevate you as an expert in your field like no other. You can become a trusted resource by publishing a book! Writing about what you know offers people the ability to learn from your years of experience. In fact, a published book is the best business card you could ever have. People who need your expertise will not only read your book, but they’ll be visiting your website, thus increasing traffic and driving sales — all the more reason to publish a book and reach a wider audience. By writing even a short book, you can enlarge your area of influence. You’ll not only reach your target audience, but your book may spill over into an even wider group of new clients. A larger audience equals more credibility for you and can translate into more clients for your business.

Media Attention and Speaking Gigs

If you have a published book you are more likely to be approached by the media for quotes and interviews. After all—you’re the expert! You have taken the time and trouble to write down what you know, and the media is always looking for new ideas or even a new angle on an old story. They need content, so provide it for them! For more information about reaching out to the media, read this helpful blog post!

Not only is media an option, but establishing yourself as a speaker and obtaining paid speaking gigs will drive book sales and increase the number of new clients you see. Having a published book will help you to obtain a role at speaking events. For more information on that, click here!

Don’t Be Afraid to Write a Book

Publishing books is a wonderful way to get information out to the public while giving a huge amount of self-satisfaction. I love the entire process, from the initial outline to opening a newly printed book. Writing a book will give you the confidence to excel in your chosen field. There’s nothing better than accomplishing a long-standing goal! When you write about what you know, you may find you have so much to say;  the pages just write themselves! 

Perhaps you can come up with many reasons not to write a book, but my suggestion is to acknowledge the fear and publish anyway. Even if there are already 10 books on the subject you want to write about, you may have a different angle that hasn’t been explored or you have something entirely new to say. Write about the subject you know well and are passionate about, and don’t let fear be your guide.

It’s important to make sure your book has a solid marketing and with Elite Online Publishing we not only market your book, we ensure it reaches bestseller. For more information contact us!


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