After 25 years in business coaching employees and executives on creating their future, Tera Sunder made a choice to change course. Now, she is sharing her passion by helping others achieve their personal goals at work but more importantly in LIFE. We can achieve this individually, or with groups or work teams.  She supports growth with guidance, easy tools, and increased confidence. She is also a supporter of the I Am A Superwoman Campaign.

Our goal is to inspire and empower women & men and boys & girls to move forward together as we recalibrate and re-educate our collective mindset.  We honor those five courageous, ordinary/extraordinary women who had a vision over a pot of tea 170 years ago.  Those women (and the men who stood with them) risked everything to start an Equali-Tea revolution.  Now it’s our turn to step up and complete the evolution.
Yes, #NowItsUp2Me. And you. And all of us.
We would love your help with our Social Media Video Challenge July 9, 2018. Join us for the biggest virtual tea party to ever exist! Celebrating the 170th anniversary of the pot of tea that triggered the Women’s Rights Movement. Think ALS – only without the bucket or the ice! More to come!
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