Learn How To Become An Influential Speaker With John Rayner

December 10, 2018

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with John Rayner about how to become an influential speaker and how to boost your business 3-7X within 18 months.

When planning a conference, finding a speaker who is the “best fit” is extremely important. Yet speakers are often chosen “sight unseen” (and “unheard”).  That’s why it is critical to invite a Speaker who has a wealth of experience, from large conference rooms to small breakout sessions.

John Rayner has been a professional conference speaker since 1998.  He has addressed audiences totaling more than 80,000 people across more than 15 countries.
In addition, John is a Global Business Entrepreneur, who can share his real-world experience with the audience.  He has founded and led successful companies such as JohnRayner.tv, Effective Communication, Genesis Juices and Lensun International.

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Show Notes-

  • A global epidemic is how little confidence humanity has.
  • When you say public speaking it sets a fear in peoples eyes. You should just look at it like a conversation.
  • If you are or want to be a speaker keep track of what people ask you so you can have something to talk about.


 “I just kept speaking and speaking and making ridiculous mistakes, terrible errors embarrassing myself in ways I don’t even want to repeat but it was a wonderful process because that ironed out the creases to the point now where I’ve been blessed to speak with 50o companies.” (5:00)
“As soon as I mentioned to people that I’m a public speaker and I get paid for it a lot of people, especially business leaders started listening more to what I had to say.” (6:11)
“Generally as a speaker all we are is facilitators of conversation and key messages.” (13:07)

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