4 Reasons to Gift Your Books for Christmas

December 12, 2018

4 Reasons to Gift Your Books for Christmas

1. Make Money by Giving

One of the simplest ways to make money with your book is actually to merely give it away. You can give this away to friends, families, business associates, prospects or anyone else that you think could benefit from the message and the information that you have to share. This will do some things immediately. First, it immediately puts that person in a position where they are grateful for the gift. You have given them something that, to you, may only cost a few dollars but, to them, is perceived at costing perhaps $15 to $20. Not only that, but there’s also the perception that what is in a book is always more valuable than the cover price. Many people talk about the value of one idea; what could one idea do in your life or in your business. When you give somebody a book, there’s always that potential that in that book will be some nugget, some piece of information that will really ultimately be priceless to them. Therefore, this gift you’ve given them could ultimately be priceless.

2. Share That You Are an Author

The other thing that a book will do for you when you give it to somebody is it helps to position you not only as an author but as an expert in your space; they will regard you more highly. For some people, it may be that this gift is the first time they knew that you were an author. Therefore, this is a nice and subtle way to say it without actually saying, “Hey, I’m an author.”


3. A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Now once they are holding your book, of course, they may find that they want to engage with you based upon the content of that book; they may decide that they want to do business with you, or they may instead refer others to you. They may be talking to a friend and say, “Hey, I need to introduce you to my friend Jenn, who is this great author,” and business may flow from there. Also, the person that you give the book to may decide to share the book with others. They may say, “This is a great book; you need to get it.” Or they may turn around and give it to somebody else. A book really can be the gift that keeps on giving, so to speak.


4. Add to Your List of Followers

Now another advantage to giving your book away occurs if you happen to have put a lead capture mechanism in your book. A lead capture mechanism is simply an opportunity for somebody to take some sort of action in your book in order to get bonus material or other resources from you. This could be as simple as having them email an email address, call a phone number, or visit a website; it could also be scanning a Quick Response code or using their phone to text. If you’ve put some sort of lead capture mechanism in your book, then the more books you give away, the more chance you have for people to join your list, so that you can market to them for follow-on sales.

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