Journey from Scuba Diver to Bestselling Author with Stephanie Woodman

June 13, 2024

Join Jenn Foster co-owner of Elite Online Publishing, as she interviews author Stephanie Woodman. Discover the haunting real-life experience that inspired her book, her transition to creative writing, and her decision to self-publish.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Writing Process
  • Self-Publishing Experience

  • Character Development


“My first dive down, I was swimming through a torpedo hole in this ship into this massive cavern that used to be an engine room. And it was like, holy smokes. The reality of it, I mean, it was a ghost town, you know, and that in itself was haunting.” (02:26)

“My Journey as a Project Manager”: “I realized it’s like, oh, wait, I’m a project manager. I can do this.” (05:49)

“Mine wasn’t really an outline in this one. I have another book that I’ve almost completely outlined and that outlining is working well for that one. But for this first one, it was an evolution of a process and the evolution of me turning into a writer.” (08:49)

About Stephanie Woodman:

Stephanie Woodman is an avid collector of experiences and a perpetual student of life. Despite her analytical background with a long engineering career and a short tenure as a high school math teacher, Stephanie has a powerful creative side which has manifested itself in her debut novel, Eye Contact Over Truk.

The inspiration for Stephanie’s literary endeavors springs from a diverse array of influences. From the adventurous exploits of Clive Cussler’s underwater thrillers, the poignant writing of Robert James Waller, to the captivating biographies of Aline, Countess of Romanones, Stephanie finds influence in stories that transport her to new places, times, and cultures. She also draws from her own life experiences, infusing her writing with authenticity and emotional depth.

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