Unlocking Effective Change in Organizations with Stefanie Krievins

June 10, 2024

Jenn Foster co-owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Stefanie Krievins from The Change Architects to explore the challenges individuals and companies face in navigating change.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Effective Meeting Strategies

  • Psychological Aspect of Change

  • Change Resistance


“My life coach helped me be brave enough to admit what I wanted to do with my career, with my life, how to turn my gifts of saying what everyone is thinking, but no one will say out loud into a strength, into something to be valued.” (04:15)

“Change feels hard because our limbic brain, our lizard brain, hijacks our prefrontal cortex and tells us we’re going to die because we perceive something has been taken away from us or we’re being separated from other human beings.” (08:43)

“When I use the word communication plan, it’s nothing. It’s nothing complicated. It’s just simply, how do we take this information out of this meeting to make sure the right people know so that we’re only using the time of the right people in this meeting.” (16:22)

About Stefanie Krievins:

STEFANIE KRIEVINS (pronounced Kr-evans, like Evans) and her team at The Change Architects work with companies who are growing, innovating, upskilling, and (digitally) transforming; but are stuck in the messy middle of change and are having growing pains. They need solutions to get their people and teams to tackle old problems in new ways, break down siloes, and get communication and new results flowing again

Stefanie leads a firm focused on designing the workforces of the future through upskilling plans, succession plans, and strategic execution. She is a trained coach and certified in multiple assessments and methodologies. She is the host of the Hot Mess Hotline, a podcast for ambitious leaders who want to drive impactful change. She’s the creator of

The Change Architecture which provides a new framework for driving transformation in the 21st century. As your guest, Stefanie and you will have a lively conversation full of no-BS advice and lots of joy!

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