Overcome Your Daily Struggles With JT Mestdagh

April 29, 2019

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson speak with JT Mestdagh about his life story and his accomplishments. 

JT wants to share his story so people who feel alone or discouraged might feel, well, less alone and more confident. He is an extreme snow skier, a mountain climber, a boater, a hunter, and a fisherman. JT loves cars and boats and photography and doing anything active. He almost died when he was born. By the age of three, JT had spent more than 250 days in the hospital because of a disease called VATER.  In fact, the school psychologist said he would be ILLITERATE FOR LIFE! But luckily his family found a program in fifth grade that helped JT learn to read, write, and comprehend. That gave him the confidence to not give up! JT wants to encourage you. That’s his mission! He has gone through so much already in his life that JT is CONFIDENT that whatever you’re facing right now, YOU CAN OVERCOME IT!

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Show Notes-

  • VATER syndrome is a set of birth defects that often occur together.
  • A bucket list is a good way to accomplish your goals.
  • You learn lots from being adventurous.


“I’ve had about 16 operations and, and those, like I said, stem from esophagus, intestinal tract to spinal cord, and many other loose ends there too.”
“The proceeds from my book will be going towards my foundation, the JTC master foundation.”
“My joyful spirit comes from, knowing  all the different challenges in my life, I look at those challenges and remind myself how blessed I am.”

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