Achieving Your Goals With Julie Miller Davis

Jenn Foster speaks with Julie Miller Davis about productivity and overcoming road blocks to help achieve your goals in the workplace.

Julie is a driven entrepreneur serving others by helping them reach their own levels of excellence. She works with business owners and leaders getting them focused and efficient at conducting their daily business and working through road blocks they may be facing. During her years in business, she has led and developed highly successful teams, helped hundreds of people build their own businesses, and put goals closer in reach than they may have thought possible. Julie’s expertise and super power of out-of-the-box thinking helps others find new ways to look at their business resulting in growth and shifts into new and exciting directions.

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Show Notes-

  • People convince themselves that certain tasks are impossible.
  • A lot of the time fear holds people back.
  • People get into a pattern of putting things off.


“It’s really about about guarding my time and protecting what’s important to me while also Making money.” (2:49)
“Getting unstuck is all about taking responsibility and relying on yourself to get you out of it not on anything or anyone else.” (5:22)
“A lot of times fear cause you to get stuck, like you’re afraid of success or afraid of moving forward with what you’re really trying to obtain.” (7:00)

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