[Book Release] Managing Your Crazy Self by Randy Guttenberger

September 14, 2021

We are excited to announce the 2nd edition of the book by Randy Guttenberger “Managing Your Crazy Self: Turning your Turbulence into Tranquility

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An intriguing, easy-to-read guide on how to manage your thoughts and emotions to gain peace within.

Once you understand these insights, you will never look at life the same way again! 

What drives you crazy? Is there something that just sets you off consistently? Is your mind incapable of shutting off all the mental chaotic chatter and stirring emotions? Why is that? What is the root source of your mind coming up with the things it does? Well, you are about to find out—and discover a great deal more.

This book is designed to give you insights, in a bit of a humorous way, into how the brain is wired and explores how you can manage the constantly working instinctive brain, which is your greatest challenge. A close friend pointed out to me that most people don’t really want to know how the house is wired—they just want the light to come on when they flip the switch. He may be right. The problem, of course, comes when you flip the switch, and the light doesn’t come on! Well, let’s see, is the problem the bulb? The switch? The circuit breaker? Or, is there no power at all? Who is supposed to fix this? Life has moments like a nonworking light bulb with its petty annoyances, and its major setbacks and disappointments. We all have things to overcome. No one comes through unscathed. Most importantly, who is going to fix me when my light doesn’t come on?

Track how you handle your relationships and you can discover the source of your unmet emotions. These unmet emotions can harm your confidence, your relationships and wreck your happiness.

The brain processes an incredible amount of information before you are consciously aware. Soon you will know so much more. The result is healthy thinking, genuine peace, better relationships, and assuring comfort in the knowledge that you will be okay. Learn it, do it, and become a better believer in you. You are wired to succeed! It truly is all about what happens between the ears.

Welcome to the discovery of the instinctive brain, the conscious mind, and the human spirit.


Randy Guttenberger is an Author, Speaker, and Personality Insights Analyst working with companies, schools, churches, individuals and families for over 25 years. He helps improve human performance and relationships by using a combination of professional assessments, insights, neuroscience, and unique coaching expertise. 

As President of MYS Initiatives, Randy gives practical solutions to seemingly complex problems through his unique ability to reframe and hone in on resolvable core issues; “Randy quickly brings focus to a fog”. He shows how to calm the unconscious conversations that are self-sabotaging, allowing decisions made in the conscious mind to succeed so people enjoy life the way they are meant to. 

Randy has an ability to connect with anyone’s life experiences by seeing the bigger picture as well as the immediate need. His humor and energy transforms difficult concepts into simple, fun and practical solutions. Over several decades he combined proven concepts and refined them into one package addressing the brain, personality dynamics, and a workbook to bring success steps to life. 

Through success with thousands of clients in as many different situations Randy identified principles that were instrumental in empowering people toward meaningful growth and change. 

In his history coaching companies he saw that minimum effort/maximum return was key, and applied this rule of thumb to these core concepts.

This program is taught in the Managing Your Self certification program training counselors and coaches to deliver these wonderful solutions to their communities. 

One unique quality of the book, Managing Your Crazy Self, is how it illustrates neuroscience concepts in real life situations.  Randy outlines the breakdown of the brain’s structure, the problem and the solution, how it applies to relationships, and simple action steps for immediate peace and control. The cartoon illustrations simplify and clarify neuroscience making it easy to understand how to gain control over thoughts and emotions. 

Currently, Randy presents MYS with many businesses, conferences such as American, Oklahoma, Virginia, New Mexico, Louisiana and Texas Counseling Associations. He has been a keynote speaker at the 2019 NAMI Gulf Coast, and hosts hundreds of workshops for individuals, couples and school/professional counselors across the United States. He has three sons and currently lives in Texas.

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