Mastering Book Marketing: Wisdom from Book Thinkers Founder Nick Hutchison

November 17, 2023

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Nick Hutchison the founder of BookThinkers, discussing strategies for book marketing and building meaningful connections with your readership.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • How to build an engaging author social media.
  • How to create impactful video content.
  • How to borrow credibility from influencers.


“We cover mostly nonfiction as well. I call it personal development. So if a book can be read, reflected on and implemented to improve the reader’s life, then that’s our kind of book.” (06:01)

“We recommend getting on these platforms, providing value first and foremost, being of service to your community, creating content around the subject of your book, and maybe your other speaking, coaching, consulting, those types of things, and you know, it’s sort of a long term play, there’s no kind of Flip the or switch that you can flip and have thousands of followers on day one. But if you do show up and consistently post content and provide value, you can build a big audience that way.” (08:01)

“The other thing that happens is you’re consuming 90 pieces of content per day in your niche. If it’s trending content, that’s even better. So you can start to understand what works, what other people are posting about, and you can sort of recreate that same content yourself. So, that’s strategy number one.” (16:49)

About Nick Hutchison:

Nick Hutchison stands as the visionary force behind BookThinkers, a growing 7-figure marketing agency that seamlessly bridges the worlds of authors and readers.

In just over 7 years, he has organically built a platform that reaches over 1,000,000 people each month. Nick’s podcast, BookThinkers: Life-Changing Books, is a global top 2% show that features captivating interviews with world-class authors such as Grant Cardone, Lewis Howes, and Alex Hormozi.

Through the use of his platform, Nick has helped hundreds of authors expand their reach to hundreds of millions of readers and drive significant revenue growth as part of their book campaigns. His services include short-form video production, podcast booking, and social media book reviews.

Now, Nick has dedicated his life to helping millions of readers take action on the information they learn and rise to their potential through his books, speaking, and personal brand as a whole. This was the inspiration for his new book, Rise of the Reader, where he dives into the strategies for mastering your reading habits and applying what you learn.

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