New Children’s Book

Coming Tuesday June 6th
B00k 4 in the Sara Fay and The Elementals Children’s Book Series.

We are excited for the pre-order of Sara Watchorn’s Book – Teelo and The Plant Kingdom

Sara Fay and the Elemntals book4

Learn about the magic of the “Elementals” in the 4th book of the Sara Fay and the Elemental series. The Elementals loving energy nourishes the land, plants, and animals that are found in the Three Elemental Kingdoms. In Teelo and The Plant Kingdom, Elmoraz, and the other Elementals, find our young heroine, Sara Fay, and continue to teach her about The Three Kingdoms and the magical powers they possess.

In this fun, uplifting, children’s book, Sara Fay finds a new friend named Teelo. She learns about caring for The Plant Kingdom and how plants keep us alive by giving us air, scent, color, and food.

Written in rhyme, this touching, inspirational series educates it’s readers about the importance of nature and calls them to action with engaging quests at the end of the book. Come along and save the day with the Elementals and Sara Fay!
Look for Sara Fay and the Elementals: Book 1,2 & 3 – Available on Amazon and your favorite bookstore.

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