Selling Your Expertise From Day One | with Dave Farrow

January 13, 2020

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview memory, business, and marketing expert, Dave Farrow. Learn how to use your story and expertise to develop a memorable and profitable brand. Use Public Relations and marketing to sell your expertise.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to use PR as a marketing tool.
  • Getting speaking gigs and monetizing your media attention.
  • How to turn your expertise into a long-term business plan.
  • The biggest mistakes authors and speakers make.
  • Learn to become an expert instead of a topic.
  • How to use your story to get publicity and sales.
  • Selling your expertise from day one—what are you waiting for?
  • How to target your book or business to your specefic audience.
  • Creating an unforgettable brand.


“People came up to me and asked me, ‘How the heck did you do this?’ —and the answer is a lot of mistakes and a lot of trial and error.” (6:00)
“The first mistakes people make is they don’t value PR enough—the long term effects of PR make everything better.” (8:04)
“The best strategy is to get rich and famous at the same time, you know, you get exposure and then you leverage that exposure to get you more gigs to get higher paying gigs and to get more attention.” (9:40)
“I think the biggest thing that authors are doing wrong is they are. They’re focusing on their single book instead of their career.” (10:00)
“The first thing you have to understand is people often don’t remember the words that you said; they remember how you made them feel. So when you’re doing an interview, you have to be emotional—the best way is to be vulnerable” (18:55)

About Dave:

Dave Farrow is listed twice in the Guinness Book of Records for Greatest Memory. He is a fun and impactful speaker whose program, The Farrow Method, is an international bestseller, proven effective in a double-blind neuroscience study at McGill University. Dave Farrow is the CEO of a successful marketing firm and training business (, a digital magazine (, and he is the host of the YouTube podcast series The Brains Behind It. The Farrow Brain Games are an internationally recognized mental sport played worldwide. A man of many interests, Farrow is also an accomplished designer of a new robotics prototype startup called FarrowBOT, and he has a growing relationship-estate holdings company.

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