The Importance of Being a Bestselling Author

January 10, 2020

The importance of becoming a bestselling author cannot be emphasized enough. Anyone can release a book these days, making the options for readers overwhelming. In fact, most readers will flock to bestsellers and books with good reviews. If you already have had your book out for years and think its impossible or unnecessary to achieve bestseller status — you have just as much potential and need to achieve bestseller status as a newly released novel. 


It Builds Credibility

Many authors release how-to or other non-fiction books specific to their field. Just like when purchasing a service, one wants the very best they can afford, the same is true for readers. They want someone with credibility and having a bestseller offers that. Not only for readers, but if you do provide a service, this also builds your credibility for future clients. After all, when reaching bestseller status, you are selling yourself — not just your book. 

If you’re wondering what exactly this means and how it increases your credibility, Fast Company has a great article on this subject!

Get More Reviews!

You’ve probably been in situations similar to this: you need credit to build credit, you need the experience to gain experience, and in this case, you need reviews to get more reviews. Not only will you get more reviews by becoming a bestseller, but you’ll also continue to drive reviews after reaching that level. Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other platforms increase your online presence and helps with marketing your book. It again establishes that credibility and shows that others have taken the time to both read your book, enjoy it, and leave positive feedback. 

Future Success

As you reach bestseller status, you’ll be prepared to reach bestseller status in the future. You’ll have gained a following that will be interested in future releases. You will still need a solid marketing plan in place. You’ll also see future success in any services offered or you plan on offering. Those with books are more likely to book speaking events and other related gigs. Decide what your goal is and cater your marketing plan to it. 


Not sure how to reach bestseller status? Contact us today with more support and visit our submissions page for more information!

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