Stacy Goresko Ph.D. Hits #1 Bestseller List on Amazon

October 17, 2018


Author Stacy Goresko Ph.D. hits #1 Bestseller in
TEN categories.

“The Social Diet: The 7 Essential Ingredients for Raising Socially Connected, Well-Balanced and Caring Kids (Especially Those with Social Learning Challenges)”

Boulder, CO – Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – Elite Online Publishing, today, announced it’s newest Bestselling Author, Dr. Stacy Goresko, who’s recently released book Hit #1 on Amazon. “The Social Diet: The 7 Essential Ingredients for Raising Socially Connected, Well-Balanced and Caring Kids (Especially Those with Social Learning Challenges)”, was released October 16th, 2018 by – the nation’s #1 place to buy books.

On its launch day, “The Social Diet: The 7 Essential Ingredients for Raising Socially Connected, Well-Balanced and Caring Kids (Especially Those with Social Learning Challenges)” climbed the Amazon Charts to reach #1 Bestseller status in TEN categories including Autism, Special Needs Parenting, Family Health,Child Development Psychology, Parenting Hyperactive Children, Parenting Teenagers, School-Age Children, Parenting Emotions and Feelings, Learning Disabilities, and Child Development. Publisher, Elite Online Publishing, assisted in the release of the book.

About the Book

Through the multiple lenses of parenting a child with autism, a sociolinguist and other professional pursuits, Dr. Goresko has developed an understanding of the culture of autism, empowering her to support her son with a steady and enriching diet of skills and concepts to achieve success in the social world. Employing a developmental view of autism, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking to better understand and educate people on the autism spectrum to engage in meaningful social interaction.

-Stephen Mark Shore, Ed.D.Internationally known Educator, Author, Consultant, and Presenter on issues


Dr. Goresko is a true visionary. She gets it. She understands that our children don’t just need to learn skills. They also need to learn how to become social, well-rounded contributors. Stacy helps families create connections that open up possibilities and a brighter future. Meaningful relationships are what it’s all about! If you are tired of hearing what your child can’t do, then take Stacy’s fresh approach to heart! There’s hope!

-Melissa B. (Parent)


Dr. Goresko has been a Godsend and an answer to our prayers. She has been a friend and has been part of our pain, frustrations and our triumphs! As a mother, I feel blessed to know her and truly believe that she will help my child realize her full potential. We are bonding as a family and actually enjoying our child like never before thanks to her!!

-Esther M. (Parent)


Dear Mom, Thank you so much for everything, it means a lot. Everyone in the family loves and respects you, especially me even though sometimes I don’t show it. Embrace what you love the most; me and Yael. Feel the sensations that make us one. Break the objects that seize us apart. I love you so much and it is an honor, an honor to have you as my Mom. No matter what anyone says, you are the go-to enterprise of my life. I have faith that you will become successful and I know you will always find a way to enlighten and empower people around you. You are special and I always want you to remember me, even when you die. I will always remember you. I love you, Mom.

Sincerely, -Ylann Goresko

About  the Author

Stacy Goresko, Ph.D., is an accomplished Author, Speaker, Trainer, Certified Autism Consultant and Inspirational Life Coach. Most importantly, she is a mother of two, one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Stacy now resides with her two children in Boulder, Colorado. She has made it her mission in life to bring people together and create meaningful relationships and community. When you don’t see her being Mom or helping others, you will find her hiking in the Rockies, riding her horse or simply enjoying the wonders of nature.

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