Start your book Today | with Anita Henderson

October 7, 2019

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview Elite team member and book coach, Anita Henderson. Get the VIP coaching treatment for writing and publishing your book—all the tools you need to organize, plan, and start writing your book in just one day! 

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The Seed, Lead, and Leverage Strategy to build your brand with your book:
    • Plant seeds that lead readers to take the action to help you reach your goal.
  • Learn to define what your Brand, Audience, Book, Website, and Goals are.
  • Opportunity for a virtual VIP coaching day.
  • Create a clear and usable outline to make writing easier.


“Oftentimes, new authors or even multiple published authors need a little focus, direction, and clarity. It just takes a day—a day of focus is exactly what you need.” (2:24)
“Success as a author is bigger than the book!!” (9:00)
“Your book will be organized, planned out and partially written all in one day!” (16:22)

About Anita:

Anita Henderson is a Book Writing Coach. Known by many as The Author’s Midwife, Anita Henderson is the owner of The Write Image, LLC, and creator of the Write Your Life Author Coaching Program. Her work with professionals and entrepreneurs has transformed them into proudly published authors and has resulted in multiple award-winning books, helping her clients grow their media and online visibility, speaker platforms, and industry credibility. She helps authors create compelling prose, weave engaging stories, and explain their processes and insights in a way that serves readers and draws them to want to work more closely with the author. As Anita says, “It’s bigger than the book!” Leverage is the key to success.

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