The Reality of Selling your Book in the Bookstore

October 7, 2022

Publishing in bookstores is riskier than you think. Traditional publishing in bookstores is less popular today and comes with risks that you might not know about. There are better ways to publish your book than by trying to sell it in a bookstore.

Bookstores won’t put in the effort to sell your book for you. Household names are guaranteed to sell books. Bookstores don’t want to take the huge risk of selling a self-published unknown author. So how can you get your book in a bookstore? By making your book “returnable”. Whatever books the bookstore doesn’t sell will be sold back to you at the price that the bookstore bought it from you. After the cost of printing and selling the book, this price is higher than what you made when you first sold the book to the bookstore.

There’s no telling if your book will even sell when it finally makes it way to a bookstore. Your book can be the answer that someone is looking for, but how can that specific person find it? When you get your book into a bookstore it is lined up on a shelf with hundreds of other books. This competition is disadvantageous to authors that aren’t well known. It’s important to make sure that you can sell your book by reaching the right audience in a way that will be beneficial to you.

This is an achievable goal by considering non-traditional forms of publishing. Online publishing is a great way to get your book into places where people will see it. This combined with a great marketing strategy will help you reach the audiences that will connect with you.

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