[Book Release] Join Sophie & Stephie on a magical travel adventure! ✈️🏰

November 9, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of the new book Hello, World!: A Children’s Book Magical Travel Adventure for Kids Ages 4-8 (Sophie & Stephie: The Travel Sisters 1)

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The Travel Sisters Book SeriesABOUT THE BOOK

Sophie might have been on many amazing trips, but nothing keeps her on her toes like her little sister, Stephie! Join the Travel Sisters, Sophie and Stephie, as they discover exciting places around the world! Though Sophie traveled with her parents before Stephie was born, she wasn’t prepared for the toughest mission of all—sisterhood! How does Sophie manage to travel with a younger sister, a magical globe, a macaw, a turtle, and two dogs? In this compelling picture book, stunningly illustrated by José Gascón, Ekaterina Otiko invites young readers to explore the world! Journey along with the terrific travel team as their adventures begin! 

ABOUT Ekaterina Otiko

Ekaterina OtikoEkaterina loves to travel and inspire children to explore the world. She has lived on four continents, speaks six languages, and visited almost a hundred countries. Ekaterina holds a master of arts degree in international affairs and studied psychology, linguistics, and elementary education. She also ran an international education company, visiting schools and universities around the world. Ekaterina’s studies and travels prompted her to create Sophie & Stephie: The Travel Sisters, a book series based on travel adventures with her two daughters. When Ekaterina isn’t writing travel stories, trotting the globe, or mastering a new language, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, dancing, doing yoga, painting, kayaking, and frolicking in the ocean. She also loves animals and wishes she had an elephant in her backyard. Ekaterina lives in California with her doctor husband and their two courageous daughters. With her suitcase always packed, her mind always open to exploring a new location, and her computer always ready to receive a new story, Ekaterina can’t wait to share her experiences with young readers.

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 To learn more about the children’s book series visit https://www.sophieandstephie.com/

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  1. Oksana

    This publication is a rare jewel that you want to re-read, admire and preserve. Children can learn a lot about different countries from this book. We look forward to the release of new books by the author Ekaterina Otiko! Everything about these publications is excellent: content, design and illustrations. There are a LOT of illustrations, they are on every page! Colorful, lively, amazing pictures! Thanks to the author and publisher: this series of books is of very high quality! The font is large and very easy to read. I wish the author success!


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