Using Software To Your Advantage With Jacob Glenn

October 26, 2020

Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Jacob Glenn about technology and software that you need for your company.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode

Three types of software that a company can leverage:
  1. Things that drive internal efficiency. Things that you have to have like your QuickBooks, or whatever your accounting platform is, but then also things like a CRM or for a service business, you know, a ticketing system to keep track of service tickets and things like that.
  2. Customer facing software. Increase your ROI, and actually improve the customer experience, a lot of times process driven, and integrated into your business itself.
  3. SAS model software. software product that can be sold to your customers for additional revenue, and a lot of times it’s recurring revenue.


“I wanted to kind of put the pieces together and find where technology and business kind of intersected.” (2:34)

“Every business has certain needs and software makes them easier” (4:40)

“When you got to a point where your business is running smoothly enough, where you can step back and say, here’s what can be automated. Being able to look at your business from that level, is really a driver for, hey, this is a good time to think about software.” (13:43)

About Jacob Glenn:

Jacob is a dynamic technical leader with a career defined by more than 20 years of operational excellence and technical leadership. As the Founder and Managing Director of M Genio Inc. Jacob has responsibility for overall execution of company strategy including organizational structure, business model development, team leadership, and technology delivery. M Genio is a boutique software development firm delivering high quality solutions for clients ranging from Startups to Fortune 500 and everything in between.

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