When To Market Your Book

July 9, 2021

When To Market Your Book

The real work begins before your launch date. At Elite Online Publishing, we spend months in preparation, leading up to an author’s launch date, collecting emails, information, graphics, and photos. By the time of the launch, our author’s online presence is already well established, and any new face sees a confident, trustworthy and brand-cohesive appearance worth buying into. We accomplish this cohesive brand surrounding the book, about a month before the launch date in a few ways:


Create Cohesive Graphics 1 Month Out

By graphics, we mean facebook banners, website headers, email blast graphics, etc. Create a free Canva account and have fun with this… But remember: keep it simple, and on brand to the author book. Every piece of content should visually point back to the author. Think about Target, or Starbucks; Part of the reason you trust their product is because they’ve proven that they’re visually consistent. It’s important to post 3x’s every week to build enough of a following that you appear established and impressive.

Grab As Many Emails as Possible

Leading up to your launch date, gather as many emails for your list as you can. The more contacts and supporters you have, the better!

After Your Launch, Get Your Reviews

Ask your book launch team and all of the people that you know who bought the book to leave you reviews. Once you get over 50 reviews, that changes Amazon’s algorithm and starts to promote your book more.


These are just a few of our tips and tricks at Elite Online Publishing. To learn more about our Marketing Services, visit our website. You can also learn Marketing from our founders, Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, as they release the long awaited Marketing Roadmap… Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!

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