Creating Your Video Presence with Kellsie Moore

July 5, 2021

Jenn Foster, an owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Kellsie Moore about how to market and create videos to build credibility and create a following.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How video propels your business forward.
  • How to prepare for your first video.
  • How to be relatable and authentic with your audience.


“In today’s 2021, it is imperative to use video for your business. It is now a critical component because it is making you a real person by creating that connection with your audience in a way for them to build trust faster than anything else.” (5:38)

“So the first thing is just really be mindful of your lighting. Then that leads into our sound, quality of camera, our framing, the backdrop what’s around us, the privacy, and the energy that you’re able to hold in that space.” (12:57)

“It is my responsibility to be able to show up and push my energy, my essence of who I actually am, all of the things that if you’re in my space, in real life, you could feel who I am. My job is to push that through the camera lens.” (20:53)

About Kellsie Moore:

Kellsie helps Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals powerfully, authentically and comfortably communicate with their audiences through a lens to create a genuine connection, trust and sales. “Face to camera” videos are the #1 way to build trust, gain authority and build an audience online. After years of training and working as a professional actress, coaching, and building up her personal development business online, she has learned the true power of communicating effectively through video, and helped others do the same.

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