Kids have the chance to learn new lessons, set new goals, and achieve new levels of success as they head back to school. The upcoming year is full of possibility and the potential for kids to do and be anything.  This is also an opportunity to inspire them, learn about their interests, and get behind their goals. See what your children are excited about by sharing these questions with your children.  There is information geared towards writing with and about your family and for you personally at the bottom as well.

These writing prompts have students reflecting on the upcoming school year and what it means to go back to school. They’ll have the chance to think about their upcoming goals and plans in addition to some of their greatest successes from the last year. As they consider what they would tell students in lower grades and think about all of the exciting things that lie ahead, kids have the chance to locate previous accomplishments in relation to their future paths.

With both serious and silly questions to enjoy, kids will love starting the school year with these brand new writing prompts!

51 Back-to-School
Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. How does it feel to see your classmates again?
  2. What is your favorite thing about being in __________ grade?
  3. What qualities make a good learner?
  4. What is the first thing you like to do with your friends at the start of a new school year?
  5. What was your greatest success last year?
  6. Why is it important for students to learn about all subjects?
  7. Write a letter to the teacher or another classmate introducing yourself.
    Include your name, age, favorite subject, and some of your interests.
  8. What qualities make a good teacher?
  9. What is the best time of the school year? Why is it the best?
  10. How can this school year help you prepare for the future?
  11. What is the most important reason for people to go to school?
  12. Have you ever gone to a new school? How did you feel on the first day?
  13. Why is it so important to start the school year on a good note? How will a good start affect the rest of the year?
  14. If you were in charge of our school, what would happen on the first day?
  15. What was your first impression of your new classroom?
  16. What is your favorite part about going back to school?
  17. What is your goal for the school year?
  18. What do you want to do or be when you get older?
  19. When should school start—at the end of summer or the beginning of the new year? Why?
  20. Do you prefer to take tests or write papers? Why?
  21. How do you think teachers feel on the first day of school?
  22. Do you feel ready to go back to school?
  23. How can you study better this year?
  24. How do you prepare for a new school year?
  25. Write a story about a year-round school that doesn’t have summer vacations.
  26. What are you most excited to learn this year?
  27. How do you feel about homework? Is it fun? Hard? Educational?
  28. Write a story about a student on his or her first day at a new school.
  29. How do you feel when you get? Excited? Prepared? The same? Why?
  30. Which grade are you most excited to begin? Why?
  31. Are there any things you dislike about school? What can you do to make them better?
  32. What would you tell someone in a lower grade to help him or her succeed?
  33. What is your favorite subject? Why?
  34. What is the most effective way to study? How does this method help you?
  35. Why is it important for kids to go to school?
  36. Do you walk to school, take the bus, or get rides? Which method would you prefer? Why?
  37. What is the most important thing to do on the first day of school?
  38. What is your favorite thing to do at the end of the summer?
  39. What does your family do on the first day of school?
  40. Why is the back-to-school time a special time of year?
  41. What do you hope to accomplish this year?
  42. What is your favorite part of each school day? Why?
  43. Do you remember most of what you learned last year? What have you forgotten?
  44. What is the most exciting part about being in __________ grade?
  45. Write about three habits you’d like to change this year. How can you improve your behavior?
  46. How can you start building good relationships with your teachers at the beginning of the school year?
  47. What do you enjoy most at school?
  48. Do you ever get nervous or anxious on the first day of school? How do these emotions make you feel?
  49. What would it be like to go to a new school?
  50. Write a poem about the first day of school.
  51. What activities will you participate in this year?
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Happy new school year to kids, teacher, and parents everywhere!

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