10 Reasons: Why Your Business Needs A Book

February 11, 2020

 Are you a business owner looking to attract more clients and take your business to the next level? It’s time to write a book! Your book will build your brand, establish your expertise, increase revenue, and build trust with potential clients. Becoming a published author has a stronger return on investment than any other small-business marketing idea. Still not sure if a book is best for your business? Here are ten reasons your business should write a book.


  1. People want to work with an expert:

    People want to make sure they are getting the best! Your book can help you show your client that you know what you’re talking about so that you don’t have to waste valuable time in the pitch bragging about yourself. Through your book, potential clients can get to know and trust your expertise.

  2. Establish your credibility and stand out in your industry:

    Writing and publishing a book for your industry sets your business apart from all the others and establishes you as a credible source. Writing a book shows you are an expert in the field and promotes your business reputation as professional and insightful. You’ll be surprised what the phrase #1 Bestselling Author in your bio will do for your credibility. 

  3. Showcase your brand:

    A book showcases your business brand in a completely different way. Now, consumers, competitors, and future investors are engaging with your brand through a one-on-one firsthand experience. Writing a book gives you the power to control what message you want to portray and how you want to portray it.

  4. Gain more clients:

    Your book will draw attention to yourself and your business, and as a result, attract more potential clients to you. You can turn readers into customers who may be interested in your products or services. A great way to do this is by adding calls to action in your book—include information for your website, webinars, newsletters, or free discount packets to your book. The more exposure your book receives, the more consumers will engage with your brand.

  5. Create new connections:

    A book establishes a whole new field of relationships your business may have never encountered otherwise. You’ll get connected with other leaders in the field, other authors, publishing experts, interviewers, podcasters, and more. Writing a book involves a lot of different people and therefore initiates numerous connections for your company.

  6. Use as a Marketing Tool:

    Books are excellent tools for marketing! A book brings attention to you as an entrepreneur and your business. When it comes to content marketing for your company, there is no greater way to put your brand out there. The ways to use your book as a marketing tool are endless. Writing and publishing a book isn’t easy, but the return is worthwhile and will help promote your company more than you could have ever anticipated.

  7. Create clarity in your message:

    Sitting down to write a book will help you discover what your message truly is. You will find which processes and information you want to share and use as the framework of your book. Clarifying your message through the writing process will subsequently impact on the message on your website, your introduction, and helps people to understand what you do. A more precise message means more clients.

  8. Learn your value and share your knowledge:

    You have so much to offer! Business owners tend to undervalue what they know. What you do may seem like it’s simple or common sense, but your knowledge and skillset is unique and worth sharing. When you decide to write your book and put that knowledge down on paper, you’ll realize that value and the immense amount of wisdom that you have. Then you’ll find it easier to sell yourself more effectively as people will get what you do. 

  9. Your story matters:

    You have a story to tell, and the lives of your readers will be vastly improved from learning your expertise. Maybe you’re worried because you feel like you aren’t unique enough or experienced enough to write a book, but that simply isn’t true. You have a book inside of you that NO ONE ELSE can write. It doesn’t matter where you are in your career or the size of your business; there are people who are waiting for your story.

  10.  Your book will live forever:

    Unlike humans, books have no shelf life. Once your book is out there, it is out there forever. Your book is your legacy to share with the world long after you’re gone. 


Are you ready to embark on this journey of success? Contact us today to get started! 

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