Author JMW Hits #1 With New Thriller “Color Of Fire”

Author JMW Hits #1 With New Thriller “Color Of Fire”


Author JMW, Hit FOUR Bestseller Lists Yesterday With “COLOR OF FIRE”

Houston, TX – Friday, December 22, 2017 – Author JMW  joined the ranks of bestselling authors on Amazon with his New Book, “COLOR OF FIRE,” which was released Thursday, December 21, 2017, by – the nation’s #1 place to buy books.

On the day of release, his book started its upward movement towards best-seller status on and reached #1 best-seller status in FOUR categories including, Christian Ethics, Adult Christian Education as well as Teen & Young Adult Sexual Abuse Fiction eBooks.

The people of Pimsler, Colorado, never much believed in a boogieman—especially not some monster living under their beds. They thought they could stay safe by turning a blind eye to the reality of wicked people who paraded themselves in the light of goodness. They thought they’d be okay, but they were wrong. It turns out the boogieman is real, and he’s everywhere.

In cities across America and the world, good citizens turn their backs on what’s right in the name of safety and security. There are plenty of folks like that in Pimsler, but things are about to change. A Bible teacher, a corrupted minister, a prominent businessman, and a gritty cop are in the midst of a twisted plot that captures innocent children and pushes the limits of the righteous beyond what any person thought possible.

Good men are desperate to save not only lives but souls, too. This is a divine battle, fought on the Colorado streets. But even if the brave few of Pimsler can stop the spread of evil in their own neighborhood, the chase must go on to capture the evil that steals, lies, and kills. Christ wants to capture the hearts of the disillusioned, but is it too late?

About Author JMW –

JMW was born in Texas. The son of a rodeo cowboy and businessman. He joined the Marine Corps during the Vietnam war and served in a military police unit. He followed that line of work after the military, serving as a policeman. Through many trials, he was converted to Christianity and attended a seminary where his faith in Christ was solidified.

He worked with several churches and traveled extensively internationally during the 90’s. Through his experiences of seeing the world and understanding that man needs a Savior, he began writing to not only share life experiences but to, more importantly, share his Savior. It is his unique look at Jesus Christ that JMW wishes to express to the world today. He has discovered that it is not about him but his Christ that men must come to understand. He writes fiction but never fiction about Jesus!

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John Evans Hits #1 Best-Seller List in Five Categories with “Catalyst”

John Evans Hits #1 Best-Seller List in Five Categories with “Catalyst”


John Evans Hits #1 Amazon Best-Seller List with “Catalyst.”

Author & Artist John Evans recently hit FIVE National best-seller lists with his book, “Catalyst.”

Houston, TX – Friday, May 19,  2017  – Best Selling Author John Evans Hits #1 in five categories with his book, “Catalyst.” which was released May 16th, by – the nation’s #1 place to buy books.

On the day of release, “Catalyst.” started its upward movement towards best-seller status in five categories and has reached #1 best-seller status in: Chemical Engineering, Petroleum, Geological Drilling Procedures, Oil & Energy Industry & Energy Production Extraction.

About John Evans –

John Robert Evans III is the author of Catalyst, a fictional novel about greed, explosions and death in the chemical industry and those events which catalyze changes in our lives. John is also the co-author of Only a Penny, with Ms. Sharon Abercia, the biography of a young Lebanese immigrant who crawled out of abject poverty and into national prominence. John and Sharon have also collaborated to develop a mobile app for the android market titled SaveIt which enables users to save, organize and retrieve texts, voicemails and photographs easily Go to for more information.

John is also an acclaimed sculptor with a portfolio which include busts, full figures and reliefs. His sculptures range from American Indians to Contemporary. John also is an athlete and  an incredible chef. He is a contributor to the food blog which focuses on unique fine dining around the world.

John Evans holds a bachelors of science in chemical engineering from the University of Colorado and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. Mr Evans has worked in the chemical industry for over 25 years and is currently the Global Director of environmental Affairs for a Fortune 50 company.

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