2022 Book Cover Design Trends

January 14, 2022

2022 Book Cover Design Trends

Graphic design trends are always a reflection of what is happening in society and how we feel about our surroundings. They help create an atmosphere that reflects the culture, moods, thoughts, or values at any given time.

Fads come and go but there will always be new designs to experiment with as long as designers keep coming up with fresh ideas!

The graphic design trends for 2022 are an expression of what the world has been through in recent years. A few designs show how ready we are to be rid of the pandemic. Some designs from the past have made a comeback. All in all, the 2022 design trends for book covers promise to be nothing short of unpredictable.

90’s Nostalgia

Art by Jordan Jacob and Pepper Pack Design

Expressive & Experimental

Art by Molecula, Connie Hui-Ning Yang, and A&V


Ukiyo-e flat design

Art by LittleFox, Agnesema and Illia Kolesnyk


Art by Paula Ambrosio, YuvenesUV, Fe Melo and Eva Hilla

Anti Design

Art by Cory Andres, Ian Douglas and goopanic

Parametric Patterns

Art by Adam Muflihun. and Risang Kuncoro


Art by Arthean and Hishand Studio



Art by lulunamostu, Ossobüko Studio and mu-chang wu


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