5 Reasons Why Every Author Should Have A Website

August 19, 2022

1. The Best Tool to Market Your Book

A website or landing page is one of the easiest and least expensive selling tools for your book. It also establishes the book’s online identity. You could create an author website if you plan on having more than one book. Or you could create a book website that is focused just on one book. Include a HOME page, ABOUT ME (the Author) page, Contact page, and a Call to Action. We recommend adding a page for your media/press kit, so that media outlets and channels can easily reach you (i.e. A book store selling sheet so bookstores will be able to order your book easily).

2. Introduce Yourself to the World Wide Web

A website makes you look professional to your audience. You are able to connect with new and old readers in a more personal way, in addition to giving them a place to find contact information.

3. Grow Your Email List and Capture Your Reader’s Emails

Help grow your sales with an opt-in form on your website. The best call to action on your author website is a form to have your reader enter their name and email in exchange for something they want. It could be a PDF with a Top 10 checklist or a workbook supplement to your book. It could be a video of you for inside author information.  Book stores don’t share their customer information with you, so you will need to capture your reader’s email and name.

4. Educate & Engage

Write blog posts that will educate and engage your readers. Blog posts also boost your website’s SEO! Give insider author information. Create a Video blog (vlog). Make sure you commit to posting once a month, twice a month, or four times per month. The key is to be consistent.

5. Exposure & Announcements

Give potential readers a place to find your book. Your website highlights your story and your book. It’s an online hub for every event you speak at, every award your book receives, etc. It also announces upcoming events, releases, special sales, events, and fundraisers. If you are doing a book signing tour or speaking tour, make sure to include your dates and events on a page on your author website.


An author website can reach beyond the bookshelf to help you generate more business and build your fan base. At Elite Online Publishing, we believe one of the most crucial steps in creating future success for our authors is picking the right type of website their audience will experience.

Types of websites Elite offers:

Information Website: Our “Info” website delivers information to your customers about you, your brand, your business, and/or your services and/or products.

Lead Page Website: Our “Lead Page” Website is a powerful marketing tool designed to generate leads, allowing you to grow sales and increase revenues.

eComm Shopping Website: Our “eComm Shopping” Website provides an e-commerce solution that allows you to sell digital and/or physical products online.

Don’t hesitate, build your author website today or hire Elite Online Publishing to build it for you.

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