A Book will Change Your Life

February 6, 2019

A Testimonial.

The biggest breakthrough of my life was the day I became an author. It forever changed my life. I was challenged by a friend to write a book about my coaching style. It took me 2 years to accept the challenge. When I couldn’t sleep to save my life I set out to write about it not knowing the end from the beginning of how to solve my problem.

What emerged out of me wasn’t just a book on sleep, but my own inner greatness. My mom was an amazing author and died when I was young. I had no idea she had the gift of writing till my brother told me after I published my book. I had no idea I had a gift inside of me. I think we all have so much inside of us to share with the world.

I would love for you to read my book as it talks about overcoming resistance and finding your God given passion. For each one of us it is different, But we each have a personal finish line to cross. My book is written in a motivational genre to take back every area of your life end champion your destiny! Thanks for listening to my story.

~Marianne Meeder

Insomniac Freak: Sleep Like a Baby and Wake Like a Champion

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