Become an Unstoppable CEO | with Steve Gordon

November 25, 2019

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview expert, Steve Gordon. Learn all the tools you need to navigate sales, referrals, and authorship to become an unstoppable CEO!

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to sell high ticket items without being annoying.
  • How to follow up and streamline your system.
  • Using your book as a marketing tool.
  • The best ways to approach referrals.


“I’ve never been offended when someone has shared a book with me—so it’s going to go on the shelf and now that author owns real estate in my world. There’s no risk for the client when you approach them.” (5:34)
“I’m a big believer in having something physical in somebody’s world because it acts on them. The physical environment around us act on us and influences us.” (8:47)
“We usually begin with follow up. Most businesses are often doing okay with generating leads, they’ve built a network, and they have some level of database.—but they’re sitting on this sort of untapped gold mine, because they’re not communicating with it.” (17:15)

About Steve:

Steve Gordon is the author of Unstoppable Referrals: 10x Referrals, Half the Effort, and his latest book, The Exponential Network Strategy. He’s the host of The Unstoppable CEOTM Podcast and has written over 400 articles on marketing for service businesses. Through his firm, he helps service business entrepreneurs create leveraged marketing systems so they can spend less time on business development, and more time on what matters most.

At age 28, Steve Gordon became the CEO of an engineering/consulting firm. It was baptism by fire… Steve knew nothing about marketing or selling services. His firm got all its business by word of mouth, and they enjoyed a healthy, growing business. But they never knew where the next client was coming from, or when he/she would arrive. Steve spent countless nights staring at the ceiling at 2am, worried about when the next client might come. So he began studying sales and marketing.

Twelve years later, after growing that firm’s revenue by 10-times, Steve started his second business, consulting with businesses across 30 industries—including manufacturing, professional services, construction, and consulting—to design sales, marketing and referral systems for high-ticket/high-trust products and services. Today he continues sharing his expertise with clients across the world, opening their eyes to their unique growth opportunities and helping them build the right systems to attract their ideal clients.

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