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February 19, 2020

Not all authors are sure what their platform is or how to build one, but it’s your platform that will sell books. It is your platform that will help you see success.

Finding Your Platform

There is great commonality between successful and unsuccessful books. A common theme between a talented author and a successful author is their platform and their willingness to treat their publishing career as a business. Authors often hear that if you want to get published you need to get a platform. This is true for self-published authors, too. If you want to hit bestseller lists, make a living as a writer, and see overall success, it is your platform that generates these results. Why? Its what allows you to be discovered. Your platform raises you up so people can spot you and your book. 

So what is your platform? We may fall back on the answer, “social media”, but that’s not necessarily accurate. It is the vehicle that allows you to connect with your readers, and because of that different genres determine what your platform is. There is a different market for children’s books than there is for self-help books. Remember, your market is your readers, not those who purchase books. For example, if you publish children’s books, you would do well to consider booking events, storytimes, ads on kid’s radio, or Youtube videos geared toward children. Whereas a self-help book may focus more on social media, word of mouth, speaking events, or webinars. The goal is to create a whole series of ways to get your book noticed. 

Working the Platform

Keep the goals in mind of your reader and your market as you begin building and working your platform.  Match the platform to the reader, to the author, and to the publisher. There are many options to consider adding to your platform such as advertising, reviews, events, podcasts, webinars, apps. Find what is going to work for you then execute it. You may find some ideas do not work as well as others, and that’s okay! It’s a learning process and it’s different for each author, or even each book if they’re of different genres. 

While creating a platform, be patient. Timing can play a huge role especially when it comes to advertising. Authors just want to write and create. We know that all of this platform building stuff is hard, but it’s necessary. It doesn’t have to be scary or affect your reputation negatively. It could change your life and career trajectory. Publishing a book is building a business. You are building your future. Success is possible if you’re willing to do these things and pay attention to experts and educate yourself, invest time, invest money. 

Are you ready to start this journey? Elite Online Publishing is your expert at building an author platform and we’re ready to help you reach that bestseller list! Contact us today for more information.

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